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Contemporary bedrooms have the best combination of classic and modern. It is incredibly inviting especially if the elements are well put together. These tranquil spaces take advantage of natural light for an airy and warmer feel, paired with the perfect fixtures that make the bedroom uncluttered and perfect for relaxation. Our professionals made this modern contemporary bedroom with streamlined pieces which layouts a nice elegant room with a Victorian touch in the interior. Bring warmth and serenity to these modern spaces with our contemporary design. 


Contemporary seems to be the latest and trendiest design but one thing is for sure. Our company the Luxury Antonovich Design is incorporating the timeless look in this is another remarkable bedroom interior that will leave you amused. You'll see that the design of this bedroom is made of steel, gold, brass features that accentuate the bedroom features. Another perfect fixture that this bedroom has is the chandelier that imitates a Victorian feel that adds a timeless look in the bedroom. The painting beside the bedroom is another focal point that makes the room look more polished with art and creativity. You will also notice the headboard that is made with velvet which creates a luxurious element in the bedroom. The teal color pops up in the bedroom design, as it adds a beautiful bold color which creates a balance of hues and shades. Here are some of the best features that we can offer our clients with incorporating the modern design.

  • Lighting: lighting plays a crucial part in the bedroom design it helps illuminate the room which creates a beautiful playful of the natural light and the artificial light. Together with the natural light coming from the window and the artificial light coming from the light Fixtures creates a warm and inviting vibe inside the bedroom. 
  • Accents: accents create a nice highlight of some of the best features of the bedroom. You will see the gold accent in this particular bedroom creates a nice luxurious Look which makes it more elegant and contemporary. 
  • Colors colors colors create and fulfill the whole interior of a bedroom. That is why our company creates a pallet that is unique and personalized which fits our client's favorite looks and characteristics.

Make sure to check out our pages to see how well we develop your bedroom. We would like to help you in decorating your bedrooms in every Step of the way step of the way. We will make sure that you have a nice warm and cozy bedroom that is comfortable for you and even your guests to stay in. With love to hear from you and we hope that we can work together in achieving the best bedroom for your home, your apartment, or even your condominium.

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