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Contemporary bathroom


As the best provider of fit-out interiors for bathroom design in Dubai, Antonovich Group develops each bathroom interior design to the highest level of design execution, resulting in a smart and extremely opulent bathroom design. Space planning development, like other interior sections, has always been the most important duty to complete, and it should be done from the beginning of project execution. Once the bathroom design’s interior design has a great balance in spaces, the most desirable bathroom design setting will undoubtedly achieve the most useful and beautiful finishing. Antonovich Group creates each bathroom interior design with skilled implementations and the best bathroom design in Dubai decorating and sanitary equipment.

Antonovich Group professionally installs and fixes all bathroom designs and sanitary equipment to ensure that the quality and elegance of each opulent piece stand out. The project manager, engineer, and architect will oversee a series of procedures to ensure that every aspect of decorating and design is flawlessly installed and organized in accordance with the customers accepted design. Antonovich Group will undoubtedly bring out the greatest design and exquisite style that has always exceeded clients’ expectations when it comes to an attractive bathroom design as the top fit-out interiors that provides bathroom design in Dubai.


  • Space planning
  • Elevations schemes
  • floor plans
  • Sanitary Equipments
  • baths
  • furniture
  • fabrics
  • finishes
  • lighting
  • artwork

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