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Elegant Family Sitting Room Design

Luxury sitting areas, also known as living rooms or majlis, are a common feature of any residential project. Decorating luxury sitting areas can be difficult because they take up large amounts of interior space. Antonovich Group has shared some important points in this article on how to perform an absolute design development towards a luxury sitting area. Having a prestigious metallic accent and decoration for the living rooms and majlis interior design has recently become such a popular design. The gold metallic accents combined with artistic forms of crystals make the interior extra luxurious and stylish. Antonovich Group has always promised to follow a very systematic space planning procedure in order to achieve perfect design implementations and fit-out work. The use of neutral colors as the foundation will enhance the very artistic and elegant setting of furniture design and decoration, completing an amazing interior design mood of a luxury sitting area.

Every home interior design has a distinct style and layout that distinguishes it as unique and exceptional. Aside from a living room or entrance lobby, some of the most opulent homes also require a very special place for the family where they can feel so comfortable and cozy to stay for an extended period of time, which is known as the family sitting area. A majlis can also be defined as this very special area of the house where that family used to entertain their guests. The family sitting area is being designed and decorated in a very spacious layout, with every piece of furniture and home accessory chosen with great care.

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