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Comfort villa family interior

Art Deco interior design for villa

A Luxurious villa interior design can also transform into a stylish art deco with full of aesthetic perfection. This villa interior design has a very wide scope of area a set of concrete design features that gives a very sophisticated design. This type of art deco interior design for villa was indeed such a very challenging task to develop and only the most professional and expert team has the full ability to perform the highest quality of style and interior design compositions. Luxury Antonovich Design is very well known as the best provider of the most prestigious residential home interior which is composed of the highest level of style glamorous effect.

In this luxurious interior design for villa, Luxury Antonovich Design has performed remarkable implementations according to the exact design requirement from the client. Having a high ceiling creates a very pleasant and comfortable mood. Entering the villas is a very prestigious setting of lobby area surrounded by the set of concrete walls with a perfect lighting effect towards every walls and LED lighting over every linings. The lobby is filled with the most prestigious furniture design and decorations which are composed of different artistic pieces. As it has a circular area, the flooring has been designed with a high quality marble design topped with a circular carpet design made up of premium class materials. To add up the convenience of this art deco interior design for this villa, an elevator which has been designed according to the mood of the villa has been installed at the area which is very accessible in every major parts of the villa. A set of natural plants has been also installed to balance the atmospheric decoration of the interior. What makes this villa extra luxurious is the greatest selection of lightings and chandelier design which covers the right blend of brightness over very wide spaces. All the furniture and decorations that has been used and implemented in this art deco interior design villa is meticulously produced and specially made only for this project by Luxury Antonovich Design. As there are visible forms of style and uniqueness towards every areas, Luxury Antonovich Design specially created a set of customized furniture design which is a part of requirement in developing this villas as it has a very large forms of interiors most specially in the major areas such as the Lobby, halls, sitting areas, and dining area. Instead of using a normal paint, Luxury Antonovich Design selected a very fine and stylish wall panelling design which is complimented with different forms of artistic pieces such as paintings and wall lighting.

This villa has the most elegant and stylish ceiling design arrangement filled with majestic chandeliers, LED lights and creative gypsum works. Luxury Antonovich Design has indeed emphasized how every lighting works elegantly in every open space. Selecting the right blend of lighting for villa will absolutely bring out an extra glam and luxury effect. Luxury Antonovich Design also specialized creating a different customized lighting and chandeliers design which is very in demand for every luxurious villas, palaces and Luxury hotels. With this magnificent residential project, Luxury Antonovich Design has indeed performed the perfect form of art deco interior design for villa.

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