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Clear White Luxury Bathroom Interior Design


Marble interior design of bathroom is a metamorphic rock that has been used to decorate new house designs and castles for centuries. Despite its lengthy history, some homeowners are hesitant to use marble on their bathroom design in Dubai flooring, worried that water, makeup spills, and other bathroom design in Dubai mistakes may destroy the lovely stone. Marble is a hard stone that, when properly cared for, can withstand the rigors of a modern bathroom design in Dubai. Modern marble aesthetics for the new house design will increase the value and marketability of your new house design. While youre considering your alternatives, here are some marble facts to think about while planning a bathroom design in Dubai upgrade. Marble isnt only for floors in bathroom design in Dubai. Marble interior design of bathroom shower walls, bathtub surrounds, and worktops can make a space appear bright and luxurious. To provide aesthetic appeal, mix different sizes and shapes of marble. Watermarks spilled powder, and even dried toothpaste glops may be almost erased with low-gloss, honed, and brushed marble–at least until you have time to clean them up. Thats because marbles naturally occurring veining is pleasing to the eye, diverting attention away from minor blunders.

If you want to keep your bathroom design in Dubai marble looking lovely for years, you must seal it. Seal the marble when its first installed and then every three months or so after that. The iron contained deep inside the marble will rust and rise to the surface after years of contact with rain and humidity. This results in a rust-colored patina on the stone. The fact that marble varies with time adds to its allure as a natural stone. Do a soak test on a sample to get a taste of whats to come. Place the stone in a pail of water for a few days, then let it dry for another two. Keep an eye on the stone to see if it changes or not.

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