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SOBHA Properties and Villas in Dubai is one of the most prestigious residential assets in the city. As the newest hub of real estate and residential properties in Dubai, SOBHA has indeed becomes every body’s dream property in Dubai. As the SOBHA property welcomes the world of luxury living, there is the most reliable architecture and interior design company- Luxury Antonovich Design which has been developing prestigious villas in Dubai. Luxury Antonovich Design is definitely the best partner of every client or property owners in SOBHA Villas in Dubai that would like to develop their premises that would level up the mood of the villa at the same time will deliver the highest standards of design executions according to every requirement and guidelines of SOBHA Properties and Villas in Dubai. Luxury Antonovich Design is proudly presenting a prestigious villa design in a luxury-modern concept located at the SOBHA Villas in Dubai.

Everything is possible with Luxury Antonovich Design, and it has been always a great privilege for the team to be every client’s partner to bring their dream home into a reality. This luxury-modern villa is filled with the most classy and trendy furniture design and decoration. It has a very spacious interior design which has been perfectly done by performing a systematic space planning procedure. The entire interior setting looks so pleasant and elegant as it is filled with the latest trend of style and decoration setting. This modern villa has high ceiling which emphasizes the coziness of the interior. A customized chandelier in a modern design has been perfectly installed that brings out the right brightness towards the living room.

This modern villa interior design in SOBHA Villas Dubai was indeed an ideal interior setting for a modern home which has been always at the top of trends in every social media platform, website, and magazine that features different types of architecture and interior design. Luxury Antonovich Design has been always the trendsetter internationally as the team never stops in discovering new things and decorations that can be implemented in every project. Luxury Antonovich Design team always works with great inspiration and goal to perform the most remarkable interior setting most especially for every residential project such as this classy villa interior design in Dubai.

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