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Classical House Interior Design

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The traditional interior design setting for a classical house is inspired by Victorian access with completely magnificent decors. In this classical house, the Luxury Antonovich Design team has remained focus on the aesthetic detail requirement by the owner which is cozy and elegant. Having a huge plot area is what makes an advantage for the interior design team to create the most wonderful and idealistic setting for each specific area. This classical house interior is very well decorated with a lavish furniture setting which perfectly represents the status of the owner or the family which are very visible in common and main areas such as the living room, dining room, hallways, and lobby. Luxury Antonovich Design has been always enriched with great ideas and inspiration most especially in developing such property in the most luxurious ways. Being well known internationally as the top provider of the most exclusive furniture design, Luxury Antonovich design has made a different set of customized furniture, lighting, and even 3D classical design for carpets that levels up the exquisite design of the interior.


When it comes to a luxurious palace interior design, always expect that there would be a very tough requirement when it comes to joinery design either it is for kitchen, wardrobe, doors, and even artistic details of gypsum work around the house. Home office and study areas are usually being composed of high-end cabinetry and joinery works that require a very consistent design and setting. In this royal-style interior design project, Luxury Antonovich Design has performed the most expert joinery design solutions by being very meticulous in selecting each wood material and delivering the most professional executions.


Being the youngest members of the family, good vibes and genuine happiness is what they constantly bring. That is why they only deserve the best, from the clothes they wear, the toys they play with, the food they eat, and most importantly having the most wonderful spot in the house where they can freely have fun and enjoy by owning it. Decorating the kids bedrooms and play areas has been always such an exciting task for every interior designer as it is the best place where they can freely decorate and style the area full of fun and creativity. It is important to know the interests of the kids to know the theme or the mood of the area that shall be transformed into. Luxury Antonovich design Team always works with great excitement and inspiration to work even more productive to perform the most wonderful interior setting the client desires.

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