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Bordignon camillo

The value of the living room in any house or apartment can not be overestimated. After all, a living room - a place where usually the whole family gathers. Here welcome guests, relax and spend time pleasantly. Ultimately, the living room can be called the face of home, its business card. Therefore, it is a natural desire of owners to make the interior of living room very attractive appropriate to their status.

The design of the living room there are no trifles. Everything from the walls and to the smallest accessories should be appropriate, harmoniously fits into the style not only the room but the entire house. Perhaps the most important and difficult are the selection of furniture set. The task is much easier if you choose the Italian furniture for the living room.

The centuries-old experience of the Italian cabinet makers allowed to brought furniture made in that country at the highest world level. The professionalism of designers in Italy helps to collect the elements that make up the living room, in complete sets. They just make living rooms of unique beauty, elegance, and functionality.

Furniture of different manufacturers, whose home in Italy, has distinctive features, its own "flavor", its Italian charm. But there is something important that is characteristic of all furniture products, including the living room furniture, made in Italy:

excellent quality,
excellent style,
high-quality materials,
elaboration of the smallest details,
use in the manufacture of the latest techniques and advanced technologies.

Through just such characteristics, Italian furniture recognized as the standard of refinement, luxury and reliability, the trendsetter in "furniture" fashion, not only in Italy but all over the world. No wonder, that the Italian furniture production it is the "guest of honor" in the world of specialized exhibitions.

Luxury Antonovich Design: what we offer and guarantee

The easiest way to become the owner of the exclusive interior items for the living room is to contact the online store Luxury Antonovich Design. The commodity of which is just the furniture, manufactured in the best factories in Italy, including:

The offered sets of living room furniture (Italy), made of fine wood (ash, maple, walnut, mahogany). For the manufacture of decorative elements of living room Italy, its accessories, used veneer, gold leaf, fringe. For upholstery living room furniture used the highest quality textiles, leather calf or crocodile.

In some cases, natural materials for the upholstery items, for living room decoration, replaced by an imitation thereof. But their quality is also not in doubt. Our employees have the opportunity to communicate directly with the factories which produce Italian living room furniture and place your order for an exclusive set of the Italian furniture.

Orders for Italian living room furniture sets performed manually, are decorated with patina (coating antique), hand-painted and carved. Of course, the price of such Italian living room furniture sets corresponds to the cost of materials, time and labor are spent by Italian experts.

The use of age-old traditions of furniture makers in a harmonious combination with the introduction of the latest technology allows you to create real masterpieces of furniture today. In order to the Italian living room furniture decorate your home, simply contact managers Luxury Antonovich Design and discuss the details of the order terms. The living room furniture will be delivered to the address specified by you in the shortest time.

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