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Who Has The Biggest House In The World?


As people know, the house owners of the most beautiful and unusual big houses are celebrities, or famous people who are pretty rich. At all times, people strove for a beautiful life. Dozens of fans always observe the celebrities' lives, trying to consider all the details and elements of their house interiors. Almost every representative of high society acquires a big house that has not been built by others, but prefer to build it, turning to professional designers, such as Luxury Antonovich Design, taking into account their wishes and unique ideas.


If you are interested in what can be in the biggest and most expensive houses in the world? We will answer you: it can be houses with hanging gardens, and helipads, huge underground garages, which can easily accommodate more than 150 cars, cinemas for 50 people — and this is not all that can be found if you wander around over a huge building.


Suburban real estate is considered to be the most expensive. The reason for this is the number of square meters of living space, and the approach with which this or that architectural solution is implemented. The most expensive examples of private houses from Luxury Antonovich Design are decorated in the form of estates and mansions. They are distinguished by splendor and gravitate more to classical architecture. The largest country houses flaunt on the coast in Dubai, and in America, and in European resort cities.


As a rule, our company builds large elite houses from durable, high-quality and most expensive building materials. The decoration of the facade and the interior of the building takes place under the scrutiny of a designer with a name and fame in certain circles — Katrina Antonovich.

What can be seen in spaces of 500 and more square meters? The exquisite interior that leaves impresses with luxury. Often this is a pronounced classic or modern classic style, with all its appearance, declaring high cost. An alternative is immersion in modern high-tech. This is the use of the most modern embedded technology, smart home systems and various know-how. Furniture for a luxury home is made exclusively from expensive materials and rare woods. In some cases, there is a collection and restoration of rare antique interior items.


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