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The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Fitouts

Office Fit Out Renovation Dubai

To create the most beautiful interior setting for business property, youll need the most experienced and competent fit-out staff. And, unlike private residences, commercial fit-outs necessitate more planned procedures and performances that must be completed in accordance with each design criteria. Before beginning the building fit-out work, there will be further permissions and approvals to obtain. The desired business Fit-out Design will undoubtedly be achieved by selecting the greatest firm with the complete competence to do the finest fit-out advancements.

Just like technologies, smartphones, fashion, and luxury cars, trends in every interior mood also change very quickly. As a result, when a fit-out project calls for a modern style idea, every member of the team goes above and beyond their ability to figure out what the best design innovations are that can be used to emphasize the owners desired style. A restaurant is one of the most difficult commercial properties to construct since, in addition to the fit-out design; there will be a special concept design to consider.

Aside from the services and the food that is offered by every restaurant, the interior mood contributes a very huge factor to achieve the best dining experience. The ambiance of the restaurant welcomes every guest and customer by representing the style or the restaurant theme. Having a consistent interior mood setting in a restaurant can also serve as a good marketing strategy. Most especially that we are currently in the generation where technology and social media affect every action of the individual. There are many platforms and social media where the feedback of the customers are being posted along with their photographs. Featuring the restaurant and its decoration can be a very positive impact on the restaurant that can also stand as a great marketing strategy.

Innovative commercial fitout with ergonomic furniture


Modern interior design has a very huge perspective and definitions. As there are now different types of varieties that is featuring a modern interior design. With the use of the latest technology and a high level of expertise in featuring modern interior mood, each modern type interior setting is being conducted in the most stylish and trendy design setting. The lighting arrangement will give the greatest emphasis towards the full interior design setting. As it changes the mood, ambiance, and atmosphere of the interior, featuring different lighting designs will also enhance the concept design of the restaurant.

Eclectic interior design for the restaurant has become the top of the trend, as it features different types of amazing lighting features that create the most wonderful mood. With its artistic decorations and wall design, the restaurant will have a very unique form of style that will be remarkable to customers. Decorating the ceiling with a very creative structure of design elements will also create a very interesting interior arrangement.

The space planning procedure is very important in conducting fit-out development in a commercial establishment such as restaurants. This will avoid congestion towards the interior setting at the same time will create a perfect balance in the style that will be resulted in a comfortable and convenient setting arrangement.

Modern office space showcasing a successful commercial fitout

Open-concept workspace highlighting the benefits of a commercial fitout

Team collaborating in a well-designed commercial fitout


When it comes to commercial fit-out Dubai, there is always a company that has been always trusted by every businessman and investor to conduct the complete fit-out work for their commercial property. Luxury Antonovich Design – the leading architecture and interior fit-out company that is offering international standards towards every design development in commercial fit-out projects. Being well known as a highly reputable company in terms to stability providing the most efficient and effective work performances. It is also the company that has its own manufacturing and factoring for all types of furniture design that can be suitable for every commercial property. Each luxury furniture is being showcased at Dubai’s Biggest luxury furniture showroom – Luxury Antonovich Home, which is also owned by Katrina Antonovich – the CEO, Chief Designer, and Architect of Luxury Antonovich Design.

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