De Gournay wallpapers will give the room a special chic, fill the atmosphere with comfort and harmony, and if you are looking for wallpapers with such images as large flowers, birds, then De Gournay is perfect for this.

The modern production technology of wallpaper De Gournay allows you to easily perform high-quality repair work relating to wallpapering. On the wall, this material will look immaculately smooth, as if it were part of the wall surface.

1986 is a landmark for the world production of exclusive finishing materials. It was then Claude Cecil Gurne founded a company that eventually became well known to connoisseurs of luxury-interiors. Today, De Gournay's wallpaper, the main products of the brand, is rightly considered to be the best examples of premium products for wall decoration.

While engaged in the restoration of old wallpaper in his estate, Gurne decided to restore the finish decoration according to the old canons. To do this, he carefully studied the age-old traditions of Chinese painting and then turn the bold ideas into life. Subsequently, Oriental motifs were repeatedly used in the brand's products.

Making a decision to buy wallpaper De Gournay, you get not just a beautiful material, but a genuine work of art. Products from the collections of the brand are unique and exclusive, as they are painted by hand. Talented artists put a piece of soul in every element and create real masterpieces.

Stunning wallpaper - not the only brand products. The company produces designer silk fabrics, furniture, hand-painted porcelain, and mirrors. Due to the impeccable quality of the product, De Gournay is preferred by royals and many famous people.

Wallpapers De Gournay - a delightful design and royal traditions!

Creating wallpaper De Gournay, designers adhere to the canons, which were used to decorate palace interiors from the 17th century. The first collections of the company borrowed a lot of techniques from medieval Chinese art. For the basis took the images of the mansions decoration of the powerful European families.

Having got the recognition of the сonnoisseurs of luxurious interiors, de Gourne decided not to stop there and continued to study the old wallpaper. In the following collections, the master made a bet on historical, exotic and mythological subjects. Products with panoramic painting brought the company even greater success.

Following the panoramas appeared no less beautiful wallpaper De Gournay in the Japanese style of the Edo period. Unlike the previous ones, the new collections of exclusive decoration were distinguished by a freer manner of artistic painting. In place of mythical and historical subjects came green spruce trees and lush peonies.

Starting from the East, Cecil starts to conquer the West. So the eclectic collection for modern interiors was born. The wallpaper was made with new Art Deco colors and bizarre floral ornaments. There are among the products and canvases with dense palm leaves and cheerful monkeys.

Currently, the brand is working on the creation of new collections and is actively mastering other areas of decorative finishing. For example, in 2000 the company presented a unique silk painting technology to the public. Such soft fabric products are great for creating hand-painted wallpaper.

Features of manufacturing products De Gournay

The brand makes high demands on the workers who create the wallpaper De Gournay. If a décor specialist wants to work in a company, he must be not only a talented artist. In addition, you should know chemistry, the basics of medicine and the history of art. All this is necessary to recreate the masterpieces of the 17th-century finishes, which are as similar to the original and do not contain toxic materials.

Wallpapers De Gournay from the Luxury Antonovich Design

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