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Wall Designs in Luxury Interiors


Amazing wall decorations are our expertise. Take interior design further by merging complex wall design that creates a beautiful scene. Wall decors are as important as any part of the room. Notwithstanding whether you're hanging photos and prints, a beautiful wall decoration can rapidly add life to your interior design and the entire room. We created an expressive design that looks amazing in any part of the room. Nothing is quite amusing than a perfect, gorgeous, and agreeable room. The designs that we did come from different shapes and sizes and they are very flexible in term of their design. The interior design of your house will absolutely look better once done with the amazing talents of Luxury Antonovich Design. It is very essential for us and for our clients to have a beautiful wall decor because it sets the mood of the room. Be it the living room, your bedroom, kitchen or even your bathroom, a gorgeous wall design is a must in every aspect of your corner. The interior design and its magnificent wall decorations are done with the right materials and proper techniques to ensure that the room is well-planned and well-organized. The photos below are proof of the meticulous ways of how Luxury Antonovich Design works. It is our great honor to be working on this amazing project.

Katrina Antonovich - Wall Room Designer


Wall decorations will add personality to your interior design. Keep the vibe warm and inviting by having a beautiful wall decoration in your rooms. Amazing furniture pieces and decorations can add character to your room. An old side table or a seat is a segment of the things you can incorporate. To shield it from being depleted, you may need to examine the probability of having rich floors and plants as a complex subject. With a few greens contemplates, your space will look all the more restoring and loosening up. Keep the vibe blustery and calming by choosing dull and cream-shaded accents. It's never past the indicate where it is conceivable look upward and spruce up the wall. The underside of the housetop can add warmth to an all-dark zone. Wooden contacts, shafts, a printed background reminiscent of wood: these are just a bit of the choice you can research. Notwithstanding whether you've started late increased another space or needing to get one, we're sure that you're looked with the pickle of how to ensure assurance while so far enhancing the open floor space and keeping the vibe light and vaporous. The easiest way to deal with keeping the vaporous and ample vibe has an open configuration.

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