Vintage Themed Interior


Craftsmanship has a major influence in any style of houses. Pieces that originated from an extraordinary period in time, from multiple points of view, unique in relation to those we regularly find in increasingly modern spaces; a quality which makes them all the all the more captivating. These are pieces that enhance your home. Antique pieces share the space with current executes. Homes aren't just impressions of their proprietors' identities. They are additional scenes for rehearsing one's art and enthusiasm, be it a locally situated business or a masterful undertaking. We created a handful of amazing furniture design that you will surely love and have in your room.


Having a vintage home is hard to manage especially if you don't have enough resources to back it up. In Luxury Antonovich Design, we have perfected the value of vintage that meets luxury. To run down some few, we have here our furniture to show. The furniture is elegant and fascinating which will surely add luxury to anyone's home. It is patterned with neutral colors of gray and navy blue to add emphasis to the colors of the furniture. Here's a list of the furniture displayed in this amazing collection:

Katrina Antonovich - Award-Winning Furniture Designer

1. The cabinet - the cabinet is exceptional on its own. It can hold any vintage utensils that goe well with the theme of the house. Be in glass or wood, it will surely pump up your game.

2. The mirror - who doesn't love an elegant mirror? This mirror is elegant and also vintage on its own! The curves are glorious as it sets the mood of vintage. You would surely love to look at this mirror all day long.

3. Table Rack - a cabinet is one but a table track could do a lot more. This one by Luxury Antonovich Design is magnificent, shiny and woody. We love this design because of its structure.

4. The sofa bed - the colors of this complement well with the navy blue wall. It stands out from the designed interior. Also, it is partnered with classy and sophisticated pillowcases.

5. Lampshades - this piece is extraordinary. The glass design is out-of-this-world amazing! It illuminates the entire room with its amazing color and ambient lighting.

6. Chairs - wall chairs are to die for! These 2 by our amazing designers denote such class and elegance. The colors are graying-blue with a hint of vintage. It goes great in the overall theme of the room.

7. Bed - blue and cream go amazing with the vintage look of the interior design. Its elegant details are top-notch with a carpet that adds value to the design of the bedroom.