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Vertical Gardening and Floral Walls: How They Can Improve Your Home and Health


In phytodesign, the use of a variety of plants is popular, as well as the vertical landscaping of the interior. The design of the premises in an eco-friendly style involves the use of various natural materials. Living wall — a natural decoration of both office and residential interiors.

Katrina Antonovich Presents New Modern Decor - Flower Wall Panels

In Luxury Antonovich Design, you can order the creation of a flower wall, and our florists as soon as possible will coordinate with you a sketch of the interior design. Professionals will help you to choose plants that will be in harmony with other elements of room design. The natural element of interior decoration makes it stylish and unique. Long-lived products will allow you to create a natural atmosphere and are combined with a variety of interior decoration styles. Green walls are durable and hypoallergenic.

The most popular plants for creating floral walls and flower panels are:

  • deciduous: fern, papyrus, etc.
  • blooming flowers: roses, azaleas, chrysanthemums, etc.;
  • coniferous and eucalyptus;
  • moss — has a soft and elastic structure, has a variety of types and shades;

To create an original and natural style of interior decoration, Luxury Antonovich Design designers advise to combine different colors, textures and types of plants.


The use of plants in the decoration of rooms creates a unique natural atmosphere. Vertical gardening looks bright and stylish. Rest surrounded by plants has a positive effect on well-being and mood.

Plants are used in the following interiors:

  • office — a variety of wall decor options will help create a unique style of room decoration. Work in the green zone reduces fatigue and increases employee productivity;
  • apartment or country house — the decoration of the wall with a combination of moss and fern, as well as other flower plants, looks stylish and unusual. This decor is suitable for a bedroom or living room. In the kitchen, a living wall of various natural elements will look harmoniously and elegantly. A wide range of shades of ornamental plants allows you to create a unique interior for your home. The wall of fresh flowers in the apartment looks fresh and bright in the bedroom or living room;

  • shopping center — the area of such buildings allows you to create a large living wall. Unusual design will attract new customers and become a business card;
  • clinic reception, is the first room where a potential client gets. Beautiful and original interior design will create a positive impression of the clinic;
  • restaurant — visitors will respond positively to the flower wall in this room. The green zone has a positive effect on the nervous and cardiovascular system, improves mood and well-being;
  • hotel — hall and reception — the first places where the guest of the hotel gets. A large or medium-sized floral wall will make the room irresistible and unique.

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