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Unique Hall Interior Design


A hall is one of the main room in a dream home. It's one of the first things a visitor would see. This is where gathering and greetings happen, and it is a must that a hall is beautiful, extremely extravagant and luxurious. With that said, Luxury Antonovich Design has devoted a lot of efforts in doing this amazing design. How did we do it? Continue reading and review the bullets below:

Amazing flooring

- the flooring is one of the best you will ever see in your life. It has details of shapes and textures that would really be a great point of view for the family and visitors. The round shape at the center gives the hall a whole lot of experience as well as the lines on every side of the hall.

Detailed walls and dividers

- the hall's main designs are particularly devoted to its gorgeous and patterned walls. These were exceptionally designed by Luxury Antonovich Design. The extravagant carvings and shape are very much well thought of and you will surely love this hall!

Extravagant posts

- who would have thought that posts will be a center point of one's halls? The posts are glorious and we definitely love the exquisite details poured into it. It has amazing lines and luxurious curves that a family will surely adore for a lifetime.

Splendid door

- this door by Luxury Antonovich design is one of a kind! Black and gold had never looked so elegant and extravagant. Curves are put into details with patterns and colors that are well reviewed and researched. This door stands as one of the best features of the room and it is certainly one of the most attractive features of a hall!

Lighted features 

- the blue portion you see on the photos would make you wonder what that is for. But fret not because it is another great addition to the ever spectacular and magnificent hall design. Interior details have never looked this good! We are thrilled to show this hall for our clients as we devoted time and effort for this amazing design.


We continue to be the best in the interior design business as well as architectural design. We also provide the best furniture and finishings for you and your family. If you are in need of the best and most detailed luxury home for you and your beloved family, then Luxury Antonovich Design is the right company for you. Contact us today, book an appointment, or visit our offices across the world. We have professional and versatile designers ranging from sketches to full implementation. You are in the right track if you commit with Luxury Antonovich Design!

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