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Mastering the Art of Luxury Classic Interior Design


The magnificence and complexity seen in European architectural designs, namely the Classical Style, are among the interesting aspects of European culture. Have you ever wondered where they get their ideas? What is the purpose of this technique? Well, it's believed to have started in the 17th century and is greatly influenced by Roman and Greek styles. The characteristics of classicism include rigidity, clarity, and simplicity. These days, it is a technique favored by those who have a keen eye for creative and cultural designs and are not persuaded by mainstream trends.

Elegant living room with classic furniture and chandelier

As the name indicates, classicism, a veneration for the ancient era and its aesthetics, and the Western classical tradition have a significant effect on classical interior design. The classical style's architecture, art, and design were all based on the Vitruvian proportions (those da Vinci championed), which produced a formally aesthetically attractive beauty. Urns, laurel wreaths, marble (busts, fireplaces, statues, etc.), dentil molding, columns, swags in both drapery and ornamental motifs, architectural nods (broken pediments, domes, friezes, and cornering), and murals are further essential elements of the classic interior design style. Greek and Roman interior design are both included in classical interior design.

Grand staircase with intricate railing and marble steps

Essentially, flawless harmony, balance, and order are the focus of this design. Giving your rooms a classical appearance entails moving them far closer to the earlier era when styles like Rococo, Victorian, and many others were popular. Classical interior design has a distinct air and is a timeless aesthetic. Here are some traditional interior design ideas that can undoubtedly aid you with your interior décor if you prefer to decorate your home in a more traditional fashion.

Exquisite classic bathroom with freestanding tub and gold accents

The main components of classical interior design are order, symmetry, and balance. Be careful to balance any mirrors in a room that has at least one with another. And remember to carry over certain aspects from one area to another. Asymmetry will result if you decorate each room in a different manner all at once. One of the focus points can be a huge mirror, any wooden statue, a lovely piece of wooden art, or a lovely wooden table. When you create a focal point, keep in mind that the other items in the space should complement it. For instance, a focal point fireplace can be surrounded by identical couches on either side, with an elaborate mirror above.

Opulent bedroom with classic bed and lavish textiles

One of the focus points can be a huge mirror, any wooden statue, a lovely piece of wooden art, or a lovely wooden table. When you create a focal point, keep in mind that the other items in the space should complement it. You may give your room a traditional appearance by placing a focal fireplace, matching armchairs on either side, and an elegant mirror above. Colors frequently used in traditional interior design are mostly drawn from nature. Colors of terracotta, grey, pink, and even some softer subdued colors like those are in style, as well as other shades of yellow, blue, green, and brown. If you want to use whites, use dazzling white for a modern sense rather than off-white if you want a more authentically classical appearance.

Stunning library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and cozy seating

Classic interior design itself is elegant. Remember that traditional fabrics aren't extremely intricate or attention-getting while choosing them. In traditional interior design, the main materials utilized are velvet, canvas, and cotton. You may complete it with flooring made of wood, stone, or marble that complements the traditional setting.

Luxurious dining room with ornate table and chairs

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