Tranquil Neoclassical Bedroom


There are different things that make a bedroom look relaxing. One of the most important thing in designing a bedroom is the practicality and functionality. There should be a proper placement of all the elements so the bedroom looks well coordinated. Our professional designers make sure that they follow the chosen design and style of the clients. One of the styles that Luxury Antonovich Design is amazing at is mixing old and traditional designs with a slightly modern touch. The bedroom is one of the topmost priority spaces to be designed since this is where you will be spending most of your time. 


Our professional designers will choose furniture and other elements in the bedroom that complements each other. While working on this project, our designers made sure that they use contrasting colors to give the room highlight and depth. The decoration of this bedroom is a safe and tranquil space where you can take a rest after a long day at work or school. In this model design above we have considered a lot of elements that will complete the bedroom aesthetics.

  • Lighting: A room needs a relaxed lighting so you'll have a comforting atmosphere. Soft lighting like chandeliers, pin lights and even lampshades have the best soft lighting for a bedroom. 
  • Windows: This is one of the most essential to have not just in a bedroom but in a home. Windows are strategically placed to make sure that natural light still shines inside the bedroom. 
  • Color: In this featured design above the color used is neutral beige and aqua blue color. Blue represents tranquility and it is a soothing shade that still adds a fun pop of color to the bedroom. 
  • Bed & Mattress: Of course, a bedroom will not be complete without the bed and mattress. It should have the perfect size that fits just right in the bedroom space. Having a great set of bed and mattress is a great investment for yourself. 
  • Artworks: Adding an artwork creates a focal point to your bedroom. It adds a sophisticated look that matches the whole neoclassical theme of the bedroom.  

In this fast-paced world, we need a place where we can relax and just be ourselves. A bedroom is a safe haven for everyone so it should be tidy, and aesthetically pleasing. Luxury Antonovich Design is the leading architecture and design company in the Middle East. They offer everything and anything that can improve not just your home, but your life. Feel free to take a look at these projects to see the company's works and profile.