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Unveiling the Premier Interior Designer in Dubai, UAE

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You bought a new house, and you really want it to be beautiful and cozy. And then begins - endless debates and discussions about how to decorate and furnish it, going to stores to choose furniture and accessories.

Traveling from one store to another, from one exhibition to another, you gradually realize that your imagination, overwhelmed with impressions, styles, epochs and producers. You are viewing the presented samples, browse plenty catalogs. Finally, after much discussion and reflection, you chose wallpaper, furniture, and accessories. "Now you can breathe easy," you think. However, not so simple.

The best solution is to contact the real professionals of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design

A real designer is like a tuning fork. Like this small and outwardly very simple tool, it adjusts to a client, trying to understand and catch his vague images and unformed dreams, translate them into the language of art. Each customer for him is a new book that you need to be able to read and understand. From its part, the customer should work with the designer "in unison" and try to convey to him his sense and vision of the world. Then he will obtain a house in which it will be cozy and comfortable. Perfect harmony, this is what should be as a result of joint efforts of the owner of the house and the author of the project.

Starting to work with a designer, you need to remember that life is not a fashionable catalog. Remember fashion shows: models of same high and physique, to defile on the catwalk, demonstrating the novelties of the season. But tell me honestly, do you often see women with such forms and gait in everyday life? All around are different and not at all ideal - this is the real beauty. It would be terribly boring if you were surrounded by people of one height, the ideal size, and shape. Some kind of a set of tin soldiers! And in the everyday life, you are unlikely to wear what you admired on the catwalk.

The same is true for the interior. When the house is all too smooth, too good and right, it looks like a museum: you can admire it, but you can not live in it. The proper interior always serves as a reflection of the image of the owner, complements and beneficially represents his personality, like a good frame which framing the picture, helps to see what the artist wanted to say, but does not switch all attention to itself. It has long been noted that emasculated, inanimate, "sleek" interiors crush the psyche and lead people to nervous breakdowns. The main thing in any interior is the breath of life.

As experienced designers say, it is very important to "let the beauty into the house, feel it and live in it." Probably, it is no accidental that in our age of rapid development of technology the main trend in the world of design is the desire for nature. A person instinctively wants what he so quickly moves away from. That is why ecologically friendly materials are now so popular, natural beauty of wood and stone, natural fabrics, grass, bamboo, jute, even paper. Great importance is given to living plants. And if you can not or do not want to create a winter garden in your home, the designer will offer you an original solution, which is becoming more popular - special containers mounted to the floor of the room, where grass and flowers are planted. Thus, in any climate, you will always be greeted at home by a flowering spring island.

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