Dining has evolved over the years, and dining room interiors have also changed through time. One thing is for sure, a timeless dining room is still the perfect place to share meals. This multifunctional dining room by Luxury Antonovich Design is perfect for any meal at any time of the day. It is also perfect for a weekend family dinner or even some occasional party, that is why is important to choose the best interior design style for your dining area. It should still reflect your personality and style, and your dining room should not only be livable but also functional. Our company has a wide array of designs that you can choose from. As you can see from this model dining room above, the style is classic with a strike of elegant color. Take a peek into our recent project to find inspiration from our designs. 


This grand dining room by Luxury Antonovich Design which has a pop of color blue creates a dreamy dining room that complements the neutral beige walls. This dining room also has relaxed earthy tones which are elegant and timeless. The upholstered dining seats are durable has a durable fabric that will last a lifetime. The bespoke dining table made of hardwood pairs well with the upholstered chairs. You will notice that the pop of color creates a harmonious color which makes the dining room look sleek yet fun. The gold accents also complement the whole dining room set up which makes the dining room look more luxurious. There is beauty in simplicity, that's why our professionals made sure to fill in the dining room with soft lighting that looks clean and relaxing. The colored dining chairs create a dynamic look for an understated luxury look. 


There are different components in a dining room. To achieve a dining room design that is stunning and elegant our team considers incorporating a mixture of elements to achieve a well-curated space.  

  • Focal Point: A dining space needs a focal point, the neutral shade with a touch of blue creates a dramatic design element to your dining room. 
  • Lighting: The natural light from the window casts a flattering glow to your dining space. You can accompany the natural light with a chandelier that hangs from the ceiling as it reflects its light across the entire room.
  • Mixed materials: By mixing different materials your room looks more refreshing and pleasing to the eye. The different textures and looks add depth to your dining space. 

Dining room spaces are very popular and it us one of the most crowded places in the house. It is important to have a professional help you in deciding on how to design your dining space. Visit a Luxury Antonovich Design showroom near you.