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The Impact of Colors in Interior Design


With interior design, it is important to take note of the proper composition - similar to creating any kind of art: painting, photography, drawing, you name it. Everything requires proper composition. Luxury Antonovich Design values the art of balance. In everything that we do, we make it a point where everything is created with much thought and review. Exclusive designs created for the VIPs in the city; that’s what we normally do. We have crafted designs that are not just beautiful but also functional. These designs have evolved from sketches to full implementation. Our interior designs have stories to tell and we create the most magnificent details in every corner of the room.

Katrina Antonovich - Luxury Designer for Queens

This living room interior design has a color combination of teal and gold. This combo is truly stunning and magnificent. Its shadings are superb and you will adore every shade of it. The overall design is impacted by its magnificent colors which brought life to the elegance and luxury of the mid-century style. Luxury Antonovich Design has spearheaded several projects that show the beauty of colors. Our head, Katrina Antonovich has the eye for beauty. She knows what to put in every corner and she studies it very well. The team is also composed of the most equipped in knowledge and the most professional in the business. Our core is to create a luxurious experience for everyone.

Aside from the colors teal and gold, Luxury Antonovich Design has also used the accent colors of brown and cream. These colors add depth to the design and it also shows additional beauty to the already gorgeous interior design. The balance between colors can set a mood for any room. In this room, colors made this it extra luxurious, and elite. The proper combination of the colors made this room extraordinary.

The furniture in this room is likewise beautiful. The sofa is in minimalist clean white colors but partnered with patterns for its pillowcases. The tables are draped in gold and the combination of everything is stunning. The walls are perfect and the paintings and frames add more beauty to it. The main door is in gorgeous bold brown color and is very magnificent on its own. The circular-like patterns add to the mystery of it. The plants add breathing space to the room and the television rack is in full glass which is singlehandedly stunning. Overall, the interior design of this living room is considered luxurious in all forms. The design makes it very livable. The walls and floorings are sure to top-notch and the combination of it is award-winning.

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