Katrina Antonovich is the worldwide designer of international fame. Her projects are recognizable and highly respected by eminent customers from different countries. The best luxury interior designer creates interiors and exteriors, which will be timeless and will not be dependent on tastes. We offer an interview with designer, in which Katrina Antonovich will share some subtle details and secrets of her work.

What about your customers – what are they like?

Katrina Antonovich: All customers are different. The majority of my customers – generous and sober-minded people, people of substance. I work with my clients only with pleasure, and they like to work with me too. Those, who address to me, are already convinced themself; they realized the need for a designer. There are so many people among my customers who have their own ideas and who need help in correction, finishing to its logical conclusion. And by the way, it is a very exciting process to work on a design project. Many clients when we work together are revealed as creative personalities, with special vision and understanding of beauty, harmony and comfort.

How often do your customers of VIP category address to you?

Our design studio is specialized in VIP service provision. With these customers, we have been working for many years and we created many projects of luxury interiors, including a respectable apartments, villas, penthouses, offices and public spaces. Therefore, our customers belong mostly to the VIP category.

Which signature style do you use with your VIP-clients?

The niche of elite services has a set of features. We provide our customers with the best what exists today in the world especially in the field of design and architecture. All our customers get exclusive solutions that meet the most fashionable trends. Luxury interior design, it is a deep and multifaceted concept, which includes a number of stages. From the first conceptual sketch to the building and filling the house with everything, you need. VIP service, it is to ensure an absolute comfort for the customer at every stage. We undertake all caress for establishment of the new project. We cooperate with the best construction companies. Excellent partnerships with the leading global manufacturers of furniture, fabrics and surface trim give the opportunity not only to provide the best solutions, but also to optimize costs of our customers.

What do your VIP-customers prefer?

Primarily, VIP customers prefer exclusive solutions. Interiors in different styles should fully reflect the high status and respectability. At the same time, we create not just the author's projects, but also the ideal life environment. Our customers highly appreciate the fact that the projects of our studio are timeless. That what will be important in a few years, it already presents in our projects. The combination of unique ideas, modern technologies, precious materials form the basis for each work. As a result, our customer receives the interior, which becomes a source of happiness and a source of pride.

What are the basic requirements in VIP-clients to the designer?

The requirements are sufficiently high. It is high level of professionalism, ability to improvise, creativity and the ability to generate new ideas, which are never repeating. Today, the interior design is extremely multifaceted concept. Designers of our studio know everything about new technologies and cultural traditions. They also monitor closely the arrivals of new collections of fabrics, furniture, and home decoration materials. All this knowledge, long experience, and of course their talent help to meet the customer requirements.

What do your VIP-clients mostly dislike?

VIP customers estimate their time and do not like the breach of a time limit. The compliance with the agreed terms and deadlines is the obligatory condition of our work. The confidentiality is very important, and we definitely keep it.

How do you attract VIP-clients?

Our reputation works to our benefit. Our new customers come on the recommendations. A portfolio of our works attracts. Our completed projects are represented in our catalogue.

What do you think? What is the main point in the design?

Katrina Antonovich: The main thing is to be able to organize the space; make it so that the client feels comfortable in this environment. The space should meet customer needs that the client and his family will completely relax ... In a word, to live a full life is the most comfortably and beautifully.