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The Best interior Designer of the year – Katrina Antonovich

An award-winning projects of the world’s most luxurious interior designer

Katrina Antonovich - An artist, visionary, interior designer, and architect with profound leadership ability that has the full capacity to perform and deliver the most luxurious architecture and interior design project with world-class standards. With her exceptional expertise and talent providing the most luxurious aesthetic deco in the international industry of architecture and interior design, indeed, Katrina Antonovich is the greatest female architect and interior designer in the world today. With her greatest design visions and architectural expertise, Katrina Antonovich has become the trend and standard setter of every project design implementation for architecture and interior design all over the world. Being acknowledged as the best interior designer of the year was indeed such a great privilege were in more doors of opportunities has open not only with this award-winning interior designer but in the entire company that she is running – Luxury Antonovich Design.

The Best interior Designer of the year – Katrina Antonovich

Katrina Antonovich owns and personally running the multinational architecture and interior design company – Luxury Antonovich Design which has been recently recognized and awarded in different global institutions such as Forbes and Asia Pacific Property Awards. Katrina Antonovich has inherited her great passion and talent in art with her ancestral that has been highly involved in the architecture and engineering business international. With her gifted talent in art, Katrina Antonovich was true poses everything that everyone can aspire to lead the global industry of architecture and interior design which is currently happening today. 

The Best interior Designer of the year – Katrina Antonovich

Hear it from the expert; Achieving your dream home or property come true by Katrina Antonovich

It has been such a great inspirational thought delivering every client the most Luxurious and prestigious properties in exactly how they desired it. As a Chief Designer, Architect, and CEO of the world’s top Luxurious Architecture and Interior design in the world, Katrina Antonovich always envision herself as the best accessory of the universe that would help every individual to achieve their dream home or property come true. Katrina Antonovich has an exceptional design philosophy that always aims to achieve the most wondrous project design which has been performed with a great combination of hard work and passion towards every work to achieve the most desirable style. Katrina Antonovich always assures us to prioritize comfort and functional artistic deco over fancy design set up. Accomplishing the perfect form of uniqueness and sophistication is also the main objective that Katrina Antonovich always assures to achieve in every project. By considering the personality and lifestyle of the client/ owner as well as every point and requirement for the project, Katrina Antonovich manages to meet the standards and exceed every expectation that always leads to the most successful turnkey solution.

The Best interior Designer of the year – Katrina Antonovich

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