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The 4 R’s of Giving Your Rooms New Life


How to transform a boring interior in just a couple of days without making much effort? The architect and decorator Katrina Antonovich and Luxury Antonovich Design consultants offer you several always you can pump some life back into your interior! Renewing the interior without repair is not at all difficult. Old pieces of furniture or decoration can look very different if you “conjure” them a little.


Rearrange the furniture. In this way you can change the boring interior, which was used at all times for lack of opportunity to purchase new furniture. Our designers propose zoning the room with a table, a wardrobe or, conversely, creating a free zone in the center, placing accents correctly, and putting into the foreground what was hidden in the farthest corner. There will be a completely different look!



Remove the clutter. Get rid of the excess! It’s dangerous to become attached to things, especially if they have long served their purpose. Do not be afraid to get rid of old curtains that have lost their original beauty or have left fashion trends, or from a table that has not been suitable for a new sofa for a long time. Without these furnishings, the room will become easier to breathe, the mood will change, and soon you will find an original replacement for old things. Instead of making the room rack with numerous souvenirs and non-functional gifts, make a bet on a minimalist interior: remove all unnecessary things, leave only really expressive decor items and a stack of books in beautiful covers. Combine objects of different heights and colors on the shelves: thanks to this technique, the space will look more conceptual.


Repurpose (from old to new look). Tired of the old sofa, but did not save up for the new one? Do not want to throw away the vintage chest of drawers from your great-granparents? Luxury Antonovich Design will tell you how to update old furniture. Many apartments still have cabinets and sideboards from the last century. Such furniture was made soundly, so it can last a long time. You just need to breathe new life into it. Rub it a little with sandpaper, tighten the connection with a screwdriver, glue it, tap it, cover it with fresh paint, replace the upholstery — and here is a unique design item in which you can hardly recognize old furniture. This is essentially nothing more than a redesign.

Are you looking to create a room of your dreams? We are here to help you at Luxury Antonovich Design, just give as a call!


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