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Table Lamps: Add The Finishing Touch To Your Interior


A table lamp is a very useful and convenient lighting element in any home that can perform many different functions. Such a lamp can serve as a night lamp in the bedroom, be an indispensable attribute of the study, create a romantic atmosphere at dinner, and be a bright decoration of the living room. There are no trifles in interior design, any correctly selected part can become a highlight of the whole space, attracting attention to itself. Why not make the desk lamp by Luxury Antonovich Design an object that catches your eye?

Katrina Antonovich And Her Interior Lighting Trends


  • Table lamp with transparent base

Such lamps are madly liked by our customers for their versatility, style and elegance. They can be of completely different shapes, but due to the transparency of the base, you can add them to any interior without sacrificing visual space. Glass table lamps are especially ideal for rooms with a neutral palette, emphasizing its softness.

  • Table lamp in eco-style

Interiors in eco-style are now quite popular all over the world. Indeed, nature is an incredible source of inspiration, so why not bring it closer and make it a part of your daily life? Natural materials, free space, naturalness, simplicity, the opposite of everything artificial and cold. Choose a table lamp with a base made of natural material and your room will immediately take on an original look. Such a lamp will look beautiful in any interior.

  • Lamp on a high thin leg

This shape of the lamp is quite neutral and elegant, it can be placed in almost any interior. A thin leg makes the whole lamp seem to soar above the surface, adding zero gravity. In addition, this version of lamp by Luxury Antonovich Design will save you space on the nightstand or table where it stands, thereby freeing up space for other objects.

  • Office table lamp

This type of table lamp is used mainly at a desk, as well as in places where it is convenient to read, make some notes, and do needlework. However, you should not be limited only to these places. On a bedside table or near a sofa, such a lamp will also look quite harmonious and appropriate. Office table lamp by Luxury Antonovich Design is well suited for the interior in an industrial style, as well as in the style of loft and minimalism. In a classic room, oddly enough, this option also looks very good.

  • Tiffany style table lamp

Such lamps are more reminiscent of a work of art than a simple light source, they are made of colored glass with a metal or wooden base. Tiffany lamps look incredibly impressive and luxurious. They are indispensable elements of classical style, in particular Art Nouveau.

  • Unusual table lamp

The lamp of the original form can become a kind of art object in your interior, eye-catching. Now there are many table lamps of the most unimaginable forms, choose the one that will catch you and will not leave you indifferent.

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