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Superb exterior design Dubai


Luxury Antonovich Design has been very well known as the best provider of best exterior design Dubai. It has been developing huge projects inside and outside the country with the highest level of architectural and landscape requirements. Luxury Antonovich Design has been composed of top-notch Architects, engineers and interior designers which has been developed huge projects internationally with very successful results. Indeed, Luxury Antonovich Design is the best provider of different forms of exterior design Dubai and international.

Superb exterior design dubai by Katrina Antonovich

In conducting a superb exterior design Dubai with a very high requirement in architectural and landscaping design, it is very important to always conduct systematic procedures of planning and developments of the full project plans which involve the architect, engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, project manager and most importantly the presence of the client/ project owner. The project development will be divided into several stages and every accomplishment shall be well ended into another set of meeting with the full team for the presentations and moving to the next level. 

Superb exterior design Dubai

Superb exterior design Dubai

Luxury Antonovich Design team is always making sure that every exterior material will be coming from a very meticulous selection. Exterior design walls, natural stones, roof, and the full exterior decorations should be according to a perfect form of materials that will be perfectly suitable to Dubai weather which is a strong winter and strong summer. Best exterior design walls must be dust and sand proof as there is a sandstorm every climate change season in Dubai. Elevation scheme is one of the important tasks in completing the superb exterior design Dubai, all the parameters and exterior design features shall have a symmetrical form that will be a perfect form of the best architectural, superb exterior design Dubai. 

Superb exterior design Dubai

Superb exterior design Dubai

For a superb Exterior design, building up magnificent landscaping design features such as the sculptures, waterfalls, fountains, swimming pools, and other natural landscape design features will surely level up the full façade design with the perfect form of glam and style that will complement the full exterior design feature. 

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