In a process of decoration and designing a children's bedroom you should not be neglected in a question of style. It is one of the places of entire house, where your fantasy can be as wide as it's possible, and all your fancy and magical ideas can be implemented. Here you can not be afraid to be brave and bold in creating a perfect design for your child. When the team of Luxury Antonovich works on a design of kids' bedroom we do not forget, that the whole space should be a reflection of their little personalities. In this case we have a teen bedroom in a beautiful color solution — the main color palette presented in light and sweet creamy-beige on walls and ceiling, that are complemented by same color of some set of furniture and doors. The bright color accent can be noticed in a choice of decorative wall, made with textile wallpaper produced of silk with beautiful floral prints, amazing soft padded beds with high headboards of the same color of aquamarine with charming knitted blankets.


Grown up children strive to have their own space, where they would feel themselves truly comfortable. They always want to be unique, so the teen room design must be in harmony with this idea. That is why Luxury Antonovich Design addressed to this issue constructively. The design of this room is based on hobbies of a little person living there. It was an important condition to consider the zone of interest of a child.  Unique setting with original lighting is a task number one in creating the interior of this bedroom. Big window is framed by beautiful light blue curtains, gold moldings create a visually precise boundaries of the space. We tried to make the most comfortable space zoning in this room, and divided it into three main areas:
— study and hobby zone. Our designers tried to make it light and functional. The main thing is comfortable chairs with an adjustable seat and back. The bookcase and shelves were arranged above the desk, that helped to save the needed space.
— sleeping zone. We decided to decorate this room with two amazing beds with soft velvet headboards, that amazingly underline the whole color and style solution.
— the zone of rest and etnertainment. This zone is located on the sunny side, so kids can play and relax there. There is a table with computer and a wardrobe for toys and other interests and hobbies.