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Furniture pieces are important in a home it is a staple that should never be taken for granted. It is also important to hire a professional interior designer that will build amazing furniture pieces that will suit your home's style and character. Expand your horizon a little bit and distance yourself from typical furniture designs. Luxury Antonovich Design has lots of unique creations and it is fun if you will discover them all. The designs that we will show you in this article today are not just beautiful and eye-catching but also multifunctional. This will surely add an amazing touch to your home. The combination of solid Middle Eastern craftsmanship and design by Luxury Antonovich Design is incomparable. The company is a full force in the wrought or wood, iron and glass-blowing industries. From these different materials, the team creates beautiful pieces that are truly one of a kind. These pieces will accentuate any area of your home into a beautiful space. 


The furniture design collection by Luxury Antonovich Design expresses innovative and continuous developing of modern designs, the team is experimenting with new materials bringing one of a kind furniture design in the industry. It is important to transform these ideas into designs that can successfully interpret an amazing contemporary design that generates excitement to the clients. Here are some of the furniture pieces that we build and design. 

  • Sofa: Sofa is the most popular furniture that is placed most of the time inside the living room. It is also designed to add a comfortable vibe that is both good for you and your guests.
  • Table: There are a lot of different table designs, coffee table, bedside table, dining table, and a lot more table designs. It is important because it serves a function where you can place your things. It is important because it keeps your things organized as well. 
  • Accent Chair: Accent chairs are a nice addition to any room. It adds a focal point that draws attention to making your living room or bedroom look more stylish and glamorous. 
  • Cabinet: Another amazing storage solution that helps your home look more organized. It creates a neat space that is free of clutter. 

These furniture pieces will help your home look more curated with unique aesthetics. Our amazing and talented designers will make sure that your furniture designs are unique and elegant in every way. Adding furniture pieces is another way to add style to your home in a subtle way. It is not an extreme makeover, but it creates an extreme change that will make your home look more pleasant. Contact us today for your furniture queries and we will gladly assist you. 

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