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Stunning Carpet Designs


From patterns to amazing textures, Luxury Antonovich Design has created tons of stunning carpet designs that are beautiful and luxurious. These carpet designs are divine and very detailed. The patterns are amazing and you will surely love its materials and details. We put a lot of efforts in creating these stunning designs. Luxury Antonovich Design ensured we can give astounding and lavish carpet that has a stunning pattern. We are an expert in organizing carpets when you need a little change in your space. Have the help of a champion among the best carpet creator on earth. The carpets have a style for loosening up just as for extravagance. We are merry to exhibit this ideal masterpiece as it allows the whole house to have an exceptional look. With Luxury Antonovich Design, style and tastefulness are principal for the whole interior design. This detail is moderate, characteristic, and splendid, with hints of mid-century current style. Luxury Antonovich Design has finished the most ideal carpets of luxury structures. Our extravagant carpet is agreeable and inviting without being jumbled and dim. The hues and types of carpets designs are remarkable and easily memorable.

Katrina Antonovich - Stunning Carpet Designer


With patterns that are intricate and very detailed, you will have a much more luxurious structure; be it in your home or in a business room, these designs will surely level up your interior design. Experience having an extravagant structure by implementing these carpets in your flooring. We completed the best arrangement of this carpet designs. An agreeable and perfect house requires an exacting and point by point flooring plan. Remarkable among the best in the carpet industry is our attentiveness with respect to materials given by the talented and master carpet fashioners of the company. In this exquisite carpet by Luxury Antonovich Design, the pattern is extravagant and loaded with luxury! Luxury Antonovich Design guaranteed that this excellent and liberal room has enough luxury to utilize. We do it in a refined, extraordinarily way, you won't experience difficulties thinking about your home. This carpet is similarly suitable for the tremendous neighborhood, upscale houses, and conventional homes. We have heaps of carpets from our huge portfolio. Luxury Antonovich Design finds a way to be an essential supplier in carpets. We likewise guaranteed that this lovely and beautiful house has enough flooring plan to utilize the open room. The structures and carpets are joined together with the luxury plan of the astounding interior.

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