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Sports Lounge Interior Design


For so many years, billiard rooms were built for the retreat gentleman. It is their space to relax and enjoy the company of other men to play billiards, relax and lounge around. While billiards room has been tagged for a men-only space, as the year went on it has been softened over time and the musky design is now changed into a more versatile design. Though, billiard rooms are still quite popular up to this date. A billiard room is an essential place of recreation, it doesn't only cater to billiards player but it can also be a lounge or a mini bar. The billiard table plays as the centerpiece in these recreational spaces. From that, we start to build the space surrounding it with décor that complements each attribute of the place. One of the most tricky parts of a billiard room is the space because the design should allow the players to move freely since billiards requires movement for players. This billiard room that we built looks more soft and even elegant. We added a touch of gold to keep this private room a more luxurious touch. We added a rich and sleek marble floor to give it that 60's romantic touch and a little Victorian flair. We are sure that any man would fall in love in this amazing billiard room. Aside from that they can also relax and chit-chat with friends in this space because it is designed well to be able to entertain guests. 

Amazing Female Designer Of Recreational Spaces


A pool table should not be placed in the basement, but it should rather be showcased in a cozy sports room with stylish and functional decoration. Whether you want your sports room to look a little mo like a traditional setting—with wood paneling and musky leather seats—or a modern, and minimalist space with clean lines. As you can see this billiard room that we designed creates more spotlight for the game. Our team intentionally placed eye-catching light fixtures chic bars, and amazing interior fixtures to keep it looking more elegant. From West Coast to East, this billiards room creates a high-style which looks more opulent than other billiard spaces. Our team built this room with a more minimalist design. Filled with neutral colors and an accenting gold details we built this billiard room to be more modern with the clean sleek lines. We also added a modern and unique pool table that serves as a masterpiece in this sports room. The decorative accents in this sports room make it different from all other sports room, the unique design will make you fall in love with having your very own sports room in your home. If you're ready to have this special recreational space in your home then our team is always ready to serve you, just kindly message us and we'll gladly assist you. 

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