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Spacious Luxury Kitchen Interior Design


Although every designer and homeowner has their own ideas about what makes a great kitchen, in my experience, any of these features would considerably increase a locations appeal. All of these put together would make a beautiful luxury kitchen. Every location needs a variety of lighting, but the kitchen requires it more than any other. Although artificial lighting is essential for kitchens in Dubai, ambient lighting is needed to give a space a general glow, task lighting to illuminate work areas, and accent lighting to draw attention to particular features. One of the most typical requests I receive as an interior designer in Dubai is for additional guest seats. In Dubai, people like to gather in groups, so make sure there is space for friends to gather without obstructing the operation of your prep area. The traffic flow can be greatly improved by using round tables, which normally seat four to six people. Tables with drop leaves or extendable legs offer flexibility. They can be moved or pushed up against the wall when not in use to add more seating for entertaining guests. In a house without a formal dining room, this is a fantastic alternative.

kitchen Interior Design in Dubai

There is plenty of room for collaboration around a large island with lots of benches and seats. It is possible to carry out routine tasks like paying bills, sorting through the mail, completing schooling, or making dinner without having to move any objects. Having this spotless surface also has a psychological effect that makes the house appear tidy, even if other areas are cluttered or unorganized. Dont sacrifice surface area for little things when every millimeter counts. Mount your paper towel holder so that it is up and out of the way. Use a magnetic strip to keep cutlery on the wall rather than a knife block. To save money, find a chopping board that fits over your cooktop or sink. For cooking and entertaining, a portable island or even a bar cart is excellent. It has a greater usable surface area for preparing food and serving, as well as more storage capacity. What to look for: Although butchers blocks are more affordable and offer a different look and feel, stainless steel is great since it is strong and easy to clean. Leave about 90 cm between the edge of the island and the surrounding benchtops to prevent hindering traffic flow. Depending on your requirements, you can pick between bench and bar heights. Think about what will make you most comfortable before you start shopping.

kitchen Interior Design in Dubai

The division is power! To save time and maintain your sanity, keep things tidy and easy to find. Drawers, where loose items tend to gather, can be better organized with inserts and dividers. Having designated spaces for all miscellaneous items can help to prevent overflow. Before shopping for organizers, dont forget to measure your drawers. Choose an item that will last as long as the cabinets rather than cheap plastic alternatives that may deform over time. Organization of food storage containers always seems to be an afterthought (and one of the messiest parts of most kitchens). How often have you reached for a piece of Tupperware only to find that the accompanying lid is missing? Keep missing lids together because cabinets gorge on them. We store food in glass containers because they can be microwaved and keep food fresher for longer.

kitchen Interior Design in Dubai

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