The design of any interior, in essence, this is a background for a full life.However, this background is necessary to make volumetric - in other words, functional and thoughtful for our existence. It should be convenient, comfortable and cozy, in addition - harmonious in terms of decoration, because of a proper mix of all the elements in a single composition, the success of any successful solution of the internal space of the apartment.

Sitting room - the main room of our house, a kind of a presentational center of our interior.

It is something just designed for prying eyes of visitors. Our taste, lifestyle, and prosperity by its design will be judged. In the living room, as a rule, we organize various activities: you can arrange a romantic candlelit dinner or celebrate a child's birthday. The design of this room does not exclude experimentation with shapes, materials, and styles sitting room paint ideas: elegant neo-classical, refined minimalism and art deco.The classic interior can be strict, and artsy, even pompous, where furniture is quite appropriate, richly decorated with carvings and inlays paint ideas for living room. Cold austere high-tech style involves the dominance of Apartments in the Baroque and Empire is characterized by luxuriant splendor. When deciding what will be the interior of the living room, it is first necessary to consider the functionality of the various innovations, as well as their harmonious interaction in the room. Interior of a living room is built around a certain center. In addition to the traditional fireplace, the center of a living room can be a TV or home theater system. And around the selected center arranged sofas and comfortable chairs, rugs, and cushions for seating on the floor. This creates a cozy space for communication.

In the design and furnishing of a common room should be considered the interests of all members of the family.

Therefore, the walls decorations can be not only paintings, prints, tapestries, but also photos, children's drawings, collections, objects of hobbies and passions. Furniture for a common room should be selected taking into account the major functions that take place in it, the composition of the family and household structure. Common room in a studio apartment includes all the features.

Zoning of sitting room - one of the basic techniques in creating the interior.

The interior decoration ideas for living room of small cozy, functional zones is achieved due to the method of installation of fixed or movable partitions, using the curtain, as well as by using different finishing materials, lighting, change the height of the ceiling or the floor. The zoning method via finishing materials can be performed using different colored wallpaper, carpets, floor coverings, and so on. In many modern sitting rooms, kitchen area is a part of the room and distinguished by the floorings materials. In the sitting room, you can create separate cozy corners using a variety of lighting fixtures and colored lights. The most pleasant material to the interior of the sitting room has been and remains a natural wood.Sometimes, to perform the sitting room colour ideas of any living room in a simple and elegant colors, enough to rely on the fabric and "live" wood - woven mats on the floor, muslin curtains and silk pillows on the couch, to which are ideal "wall painting ideas for home" wooden walls, dressers, and cabinets.Fabrics and wood blend with any color, even the most bright and flashy. Audio, video and acoustic technic - an important part of the sitting room, directly connected with its purpose - to provide the best conditions for leisure and recreation hosts and guests.

Modern electronic devices often feature original appearance.

However, no matter how attractive was their design. It is important to correctly fit the home technics in the concept and interior style. Otherwise, home theater or stereo system at risk to look as alien elements amongst other things that are in harmony with each other. In order not to break the style of national, ethnic or historical modern living room ideas, practiced hidden placement of the home technics. Sound elements in this case installed in the interior, and visual components, that is, the screen itself is placed in a closed cabinet living room color ideas. If necessary, or door open, or the screen is moved apart. Technical equipment of the sitting room - it's not only the elements, designed to entertain but also the mechanisms, whose main task - to provide a comfortable stay indoors. To collect all the electrical functions together and controlling them by a remote control makes it possible, for example, a digital integrated system of "smart house" The contours of the room, the shape, and feel of its perception depend on many factors: the decor, architecture, and even color. But the main and indispensable condition for the delimitation of the main zones in the sitting room is a lighting design. Comfort and convenience of modern a sitting room depend on the quality of lighting. Opportunities of the latest lighting systems are so broad that, depending on the situation, without any rearrangement or furniture placement, the room can be represented in different images. The main criteria today - mobility and diversity, which can be achieved by combining the comfort of the scattered or reflected light with movable lighting accents created by bright beams directed light. There are many methods by which You can zoom in to narrow or expand a living room decorating ideas, depending on the intended purpose.

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