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Royal Style Home Interior

Luxurious Classical Home Interior

Luxury Antonovich Design is very well known as the top provider of the most luxurious and royal style home interior all over the world. Royal style home interior design is usually in the form of a classical concept that has the highest standards in every design development and compositions. Interior design with a classical theme also has the most expensive packages as it is usually owned by upper-class individuals such us elite personalities, VIPs, Royal families, world top leaders, huge investors, and businessmen. Royal style home interior with a classical concept requires a large scope of land area as the full interior design set up and decorations have different types of huge materials and composition of the design. 

Katrina Antonovich

It always takes the best interior design company that has the full ability to perform the most glamorous and luxurious interior design set up for a royal style home. There might be numerous of the company that offers interior design development but only a few have the full ability to perform an absolute design with an outstanding design accuracy from A to Z. With Luxury Antonovich Design, every royal style home interior will surely achieve the most luxurious design implementations from the space planning, arrangement of all drawings and layout, interior design implementation, fit-out work, furniture production up to the most successful turnkey solution. 

Royal Style Home Interior

Luxury Antonovich Design has its an in-house high-caliber team that has been specialized in their talents and skills in the world’s highest institutions of architecture and interior design industry. That is why every part of the team has their natural creativity and talent when it comes to art and design in which they are contributing different aspects of talents and expertise. Luxury Antonovich Design is owned by the Katrina Antonovich, the world’s most luxurious interior designs. Katrina Antonovich is the woman behind every luxurious project design all over the world. One of the best specialties that the Luxury Antonovich Design is offering is creating luxury home interior design. In fact, Luxury Antonovich Design is the creator of different luxurious classic residential projects in the world such as palaces in South Africa, Arabian villas in the Middle East, Elite houses in the USA, Luxury villas in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. 

Royal Style Home Interior

The most challenging stage in developing a royal style home interior is the fit-out work and selections of furnitures. With Luxury Antonovich Design every residential project that requires a royal style home interior will surely achieve the most desirable design set up with full accuracy in every design detail that requires. In fact, Luxury Antonovich Design is very well known as the top provider of premium classical furniture design as well as customized furniture design that is very in demand for every royal style home interior. Customized furniture design and decorations will stand as the exceptional design features in every classical home interior design set up that will represent the glamour and elegance of the full interior setting. 

Royal Style Home Interior

Royal Style Home Interior

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