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Residential Staircase — Functional Interior Component


If your country house or apartment has a second floor, then the need for a staircase is an obvious fact. The only question is the following. How to properly equip and design the structure so that the beauty of the stairs is not inferior to its practicality, reliability and safety. At the design stage of a house, including the presence of a staircase, our architect can visually show you how this or that staircase will look like in the future interior. Its placement in space has a significant impact on visual perception, which should be considered when choosing materials and methods of fit-out as well.

Katrina Antonovich - Staircase Designer

Depending on the style of interior, Luxury Antonovich Design selects one or another material. Metal will be appropriate in classic minimalism and in unpredictable baroque. Glass looks amazing in a modern and Scandinavian style interior. Concrete or marble will be a wonderful decoration that will emphasize the character of loft style, art deco or eclecticism.


The ladder in the cottage or villa by Luxury Antonovich Design, which has an original design, will allow you to turn your interior into a true work of art. Fancy architectural design in futuristic or modern style, with beautiful railings made from a variety of materials will allow you to create a truly unique structure, which will be the center of attention of your unique interior.

What can be more reliable and better than marble? This is an incredibly durable and beautiful fit-out material from which Luxury Antonovich Design can make truly stunning designs, flight and spiral staircases, captivating with its unearthly beauty. The uniqueness of the material allows you to use and combine it with almost any finishing materials, whether it would be wood or even glass. In order for the appearance of the marble staircase to be admirable, the railings and steps must have a perfect appearance, capable of satisfying even the most refined client. 

One of the most important principles of the correct choice of staircase design by Luxury Antonovich Design is a harmonious combination of its shades with the rest of the interior. The staircase in the villa should be perfectly combined with the overall landscape and have common features with it. Stone stairs with wrought, wooden or marble railings look luxurious. This is surprising, but the classic image of the ladder from Luxury Antonovich Design will be relevant not only in traditional interior styles, modern style favorably accepts the integration of such structures.

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