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Quality And Elegance Of Mosaic Wall Panels


Repair work in decoration and fit-out of walls suggest a particularly careful selection of finishing materials for walls. They have strict requirements. Products must be:

— reliable;

— ecologically safe;

— moisture resistant;

— durable;

— aesthetically appealing.

Katrina Antonovich  - Expert Designer Of Mosaic Wall Panels

The advantages of exclusive mosaic material for wall panels by Luxury Antonovich Design:

  • This is an elite decorative coating, indicating the exquisite taste of the owners.
  • Easy care of the wall panels — just wipe the surface with a damp cloth.
  • The drawings made with the help of a mosaic can have a unique, exclusive look with patterns of any shades and palette that allow making small dimensions of details.
  • Mosaic wall panes are easy to lay on the flat and curved walls of any irregular shape.
  • For years, the coating does not change its original appearance.
  • Before facing the wall does not require its strengthening.
  • Mosaics can decorate the room and mask the defects of the existing wall.
  • Various colors and textures allow you to divide the room into functional areas.


Mosaic for several centuries holds a special place among all fit-out materials. And recently, deserved attention to it is returning — more and more often we can see decorative fit-out of walls in various styles and directions, using a mosaic wall panels made of different materials. An amazing mosaic on the walls can be a typesetting pattern made of identical or different particles in shape and size.

  • Mirror.

Mirror mosaic from Luxury Antonovich Design for wall decoration made of high-quality moisture-resistant mirrors of various thickness (4 mm on average). You can make any kind of surface with a mirror mosaic: wood, plastic, metal, etc.

  • Metallic.

It is a durable plastic or rubber layer with a brass or stainless steel face. Such wall panel mosaic is used for interior design in high-tech style. Metal mosaic panels require special care, due to their exposure to chemicals, temperature extremes, abrasives. A variety of metal mosaic — a mosaic of precious metals, which can be:
* silver;
* gold;
* platinum.

  • Wooden.

For the manufacture of wooden mosaic wall panels, Luxury Antonovich Design uses wood of valuable tree species. A variety of textures, colors and shades of wood allows you to achieve a wooden mosaic of decorativeness and efficiency.

  • Pseudo mosaic.

In this case, the usual tile is covered with a pattern imitating a mosaic, or grooves are cut on the machines, the thickness of which is equal to the saw blade, they imitate the inter-tile seams. In appearance, the tile resembles a real mosaic, and the cost of the material is much lower and it fits like a regular tile.

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