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New home designs project

Team designers Luxury Antonovich Design offer you a huge resource of skills and talents in the development of elite New home designs.

If your familiarity with our studio started with our website about interior design - the next step will be our acquaintance. We will look at your wish list, your expectations regarding the design home and home décor. After that, we will ask you questions to understand your lifestyle, your family, your preferences. The resulting information we process and with considering our experience in the design home - offer you the concept of the interior, created just for you, based on your personality and preferences. We will create for you  not just the best interior but best possible interior: high-quality and stylish. Cooperating with us, you are dealing with a professional team. home design ideas - bright, elegant product of contemporary design worldwide.

Design home

Design home - it is an artistic creation, the successful implementation of which requires a lot of experience,  artistic taste, constant self-improvement, and hard titanic work. All this on forces to Luxury Antonovich Design, because behind, the implementation of numerous projects in design houses, apartments, penthouses, offices, and hotels.
3d home design today in Abu Dhabi, a very popular service, and companies working in this field is not so little, but not all of them will be able to create an exclusive interior design, which displays the character of the customer, his ideas, and fantasies.  Home design - it's our passion.Like true artists, each of our work of the interior design of the cottage, or any other room - a work of art, created exclusively.

Provided services

Our team of professionals will develop home interiors in Abu Dhabi that meets your requirements and the selected style.We can be trusted with the implementation of projects of any complexity. Competent approach and years of experience are a guarantee of quality performance every task. On customers demand the interior can be designed in any pleasing style: classic, high-tech, oriental, modern, fusion, avant-garde, Baroque, Gothic. It all depends on the customer's wishes, on the basis of which the project is designed.

Standard project

  • Developing ceiling plan.
  • Projecting location lighting.
  • The layout of the lighting group.
  • Walls plan, including the placement of furniture.
  • Planning of floor heating and floor coverings.
  • Designing components and communications location.

Preliminary design

  • Performing measurements.
  • Scheduling of dismantling.
  • Planning of partitions, walls, and stairs.
  • The design of furniture and plumbing fixtures.
  • Home drawing
  • 3d home design

Creating the interior design of a country house, we'll help you:

  • reorganize the space;
  • implement the boldest ideas of the author;
  • arrange the house so that it will be  many years pleasing with comfort and coziness.

The implementation of any kind of design premises will require you to the presence of a set of documentation developed during the project work.Professionals Luxury Antonovich Design Company to competently prepare a full package of necessary documents and provide it on time. Developing projects, we try to take into account the wishes of all the inhabitants of the home, although it is quite difficult. After all, everyone has their own idea of beauty and have a personal vision of comfort in the house. With years of experience and professional approach, we will help you to create comfort in the house a comfortable atmosphere, and unique style.

home design

modern home design

hall in modern home design

hall design

home decor ideas


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