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Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Katrina Antonovich - Best in Kitchen Interior Design
Katrina Antonovich - Best in Kitchen Interior Design


The kitchen room is the space where you get to enjoy food with your family or guests. It is also where family members can spend most of their time while enjoying their sumptuous dinner or lunch. Hence, it has become the space where old friends are reunited and new bonds are made. This kitchen area is decorated in gold and white with pops of elegant brown for contrast. The walls are made for simplicity and to avoid cluttered look due to decorative pieces. Attached to the wall are cabinets and tables where utensils and other necessities are put it, these are partnered with neutral colors, patterns, and textures. An elegant table with racks and elegant details are set in the middle of the space. These pieces were custom-made by Luxury Antonovich Design. The most interesting part of the area is another piece: a super extravagant and elegant chandelier. The kitchen area is filled with calming neutral shades for a relaxed but refined appeal. Few seating pieces, like a beige-colored chair and a matching table, make the area more comfortable. The kitchen zone is stylish but functional. One of the most interesting areas is the functionality of the room. It’s not too big, and not too small. Perfect for cooking your best meals for you and your family. From the walls to the furniture, space is defined by elegant colors.


This kitchen is open, and the living flows freely to the dining and cooking areas. We kept the kitchen design in theme with the rest of the house, using gold and neutral color theme. An addition of a small portion of cream, a very pale white, elegant cabinet doors, and light-colored textures complete the modern and contemporary feel of this family kitchen by Luxury Antonovich Design. Distinct Identity incorporated all the elements of this amazing kitchen area. We are confident that our clients will like this design as the kitchen blend in harmoniously with the rest of the living areas by keeping the furniture, cabinetry, and color elegant, simple yet easy on the eyes. Luxury Antonovich Design had to create an efficient and professional-grade kitchen with top-of-the-line design and lots of storage. The design makes it easy for the entire family to enjoy their meals after the cook prepares them. It’s time to pick the style for your dream kitchen. Get loads of ideas from our amazing kitchens designed and personalized for our clients. Whether you’ve got a compact hub or an enormous cooking area at home, we have every look here, from traditional to modern minimalist.  

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