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Modern Bedroom Design Trends for 2019

Katrina Antonovich - best interior designer


Bedroom design plays a very important and fundamental role in the design of the whole house, creating a harmonious atmosphere for rest and relaxation, taking care of comfortable and peaceful sleep. For Luxury Antonovich Design it is always necessary to select the best bedroom interior design which depends on the style of your life, kind of activity and character. Modern bedroom design by Katrina Antonovich is functional; even the minimum amount of furniture and decor is beneficial and creates the comfort staying in bedroom. Modern classic bedroom design is a combination of several trends and tendencies of a beautiful interior of the house.


Minimalism in interior design is a timeless trend that is always appropriate in any type of space. Serenity, cleanliness and elegance allow minimalism to become the main trend in bedroom design.

Natural materials. The bedroom is an intimate, cozy and peaceful place. For this reason the feelings of peace which is emphasized by the use of natural materials, embodied in wooden and fabric furniture, perfectly harmonizes with the overall style, gives a feeling of freshness, and it preserves the natural outlines and forms of perfect interior design.

Handmade elements. Handicraft means care, love and talent. For our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design is important to choose decor and furnishings for your bedroom, which is unique and stands out from the others and demonstrate the impeccable taste of the owner of the beautiful house design.

Furniture selection. The pursuit of perfection of forms is an integral feature of current furniture. Constructive simplicity and clarity of lines, categorical rejection of heavy draperies, folds and draperies do not fit into the modern design of apartments and houses.

Decoration. The best decoration of one-color walls in a modern interior for 2019 in opinion of Katrina Antonovich are paintings and graphic works made in the current fashion trends and dressed in strict frames, accent walls of different kinds and shapes.

Maximum comfort. Beauty, which does not give the feeling of comfort and warmth, is not suitable for modern house design. Everything that surrounds a person, which lives in the house makes the life easier and more convenient.

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