With the modern pace of life, everyone wants to feel absolute comfort at home. The project of the modern villa in Dubai includes the creation of a traditional Majlis.

Katrina Antonovich elegantly combines cultural traditions of the East and a classic style.

After all, this room is designed for the guests. Therefore, the interior should fully express the style of the house owners, their kindness, hospitality, and love of beauty.

Notably, in the interior, there is a subtle game of contrasts. The general background is a milky-white, and creamy colours are in the decoration of the walls and ceiling. On the ceiling, there is an elegant chandelier of a chocolate hue, surrounded by pearly lace patterns. Laconic wall decor of muted grey hue sets off the bright elements such as curtains and paintings.

Curtains in the Majlis interior have become one of the most expressive accents. Noble turquoise silk falls in soft folds under the arched windows. On this background, soft sofas in a bright upholstery and turquoise silk cushions look really noble and cozy.

The light marble on the floor is decorated with exquisite ornaments of different stones. The spacious living room is continued by the spacious dining room. Yo separate visually two spaces, the interior designer uses such a decor element as traditional classic columns. Moreover, the white columns with illuminated capitals perfectly fit into the overall concept.

In the dining room, soft chairs on gracefully curved legs surround a large table with a marble top. A large elegant chandelier makes your mood really festive. In other words, living room ideas from Katrina Antonovich are always unique and inimitable.

Noble interior attracts and gives a feeling of lightness and happiness.