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Luxury Marble Furniture — Fancy Home Accessories


Furniture made of stone is what surprises, delights, causes envy among your friends. And, of course, this is what decorates your interior as luxurious and elegant as a good painting or sculpture workshop. Furniture items made from natural materials are almost eternal. A table made of natural stone is not afraid of moisture and stress. In addition, to have such pieces of furniture at home is very prestigious. They are exclusive, beautiful and easy to maintain.

Katrina Antonovich And Marble Furniture Design

Katrina Antonovich — the leading designer of Luxury Antonovich Design has developed an amazing collection of modern furniture made of marble. All products are made in modern style, in which smooth lines form rounded, wavy shapes. It seems that the artist was able to circumvent the natural hardness of marble, make it pliable, fluid, like plastic. All products were made from solid pieces of high-quality marble of legendary varieties, mined in Italy. This marble has a cryptocrystalline structure, high density and light tone. On the color of the main mass of this breed is an elegant pattern of gray and gold veins. After the products were cut on the machine, the masters of our company manually and with the help of hand tools brought the surface to a glossy shine — muffled, velvety.


Luxury Antonovich Design does not save on materials and uses marble exclusively from the world's best quarries with a thickness of 30 mm. with mandatory reinforcement metal thickness of 6 mm. Our suppliers carefully select slabs for counter tops directly in production. Such material as marble is not afraid of temperature drops and is wear-resistant, therefore, it is suitable for the manufacture of tables both for rooms and for home gardens. We use marble for the production of this kind of furniture:

— bathroom vanities;

— small bedside tables for the bedroom;

— coffee tables or large dining tables in the living (dining) room;

— tea tables;

— bar counters;

— tables for the reception office or hotel.

All these interior items will be its beautiful decoration. They will instantly catch the eye, and create a luxurious, cozy atmosphere. Clear contours, exquisite colors, noble texture of natural marble harmoniously combined with high wear resistance. Furniture made of stone by Luxury Antonovich Design cannot be broken or deformed, it does not deteriorate under the influence of the sun and water.

Marble is considered a more noble stone that is used mainly inside buildings because it is especially beautiful and usually has a deep and dazzling luster that lasts a very long time. Furniture for the bathroom with a marble worktop or an elegant coffee table by Luxury Antonovich Design is a fairly practical, stylish and status thing in your home interior. The nobility of natural marble brings a variety of structures and colors that have been created by nature for many thousands or even millions of years.

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