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Luxury Majlis for Women in UAE

Katrina Antonovich - Best in Luxury Majlis
Katrina Antonovich - Best in Luxury Majlis


In designing the interior of Majlis, one should know that the concept should still be traditional and it shouldn't go far from the religious aspect of it. Luxury Antonovich Design made sure to comprehend its fundamental capacity concerning the Muslim religion to get the genuine purpose of majlis plan. Having an appropriate space to engage them is a flat out must. With the progression of time, as the way of life, got rich, so did the interior and inside plan. The advanced Arabic majlis plan of today is altogether different from what it used to be previously. Majlis is a room that has an amazing vibe. It comprises established and customary components; geometric examples, extravagance design, and rich furniture to boot.


With this interior design, the colors are well-thought of; showing elegant pink with a mix of cream. The curtains are not just huge, they are enormous! The curtains are connected in the middle with colors separating each other. These are probably the first thing you will see once you get inside in the room. Along with it are small yet intricate plants that would add organic and nature feels in the room. It sets the mood of the overall look of the interior as it is different from the rest of the colors. The gorgeous sofas are nothing but luxurious. They are in pink colors partnered with cute pillows that go well with the interior. Three tables are placed in front of the sofas; something different from the usual center table you see on other homes. Once you go around the room, you will see walls with patterns that show outline. The walls are showing shapes that are unusual and unique. Doors also have patterns that compliment the whole room.


Majils are here to stay and it should be given great importance with regards to its style, technique, planning, and overall interior. Luxury Antonovich Design's take on Majils is luxury yet warm and genial at most. The designs presented here are the most ideal approach with the delicate, critical and elegant interior that is welcoming to individuals to sit and stay with a receptive outlook. The design is perfect for private gatherings where visitors can have long talks. It is something you would totally appreciate if you have seen a lot of Arabic house designs. It is a place to engage visitors in a different region while keeping up the solitude in every corner of the room. The interior plan of the Majlis has developed in style for the past decades and Luxury Antonovich Design, just like the designs presented above, are a testament that Majlis are evolving to a more elegant, extravagant and luxurious style.

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