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Luxury Interior Design Company Abu Dhabi


The art of luxury and beauty — this is what is the style of interiors in amazing city of Abu Dhabi. It delights and amazes, in its bright recognizable features it penetrates other cultures and eras, merging into a single understanding of the beautiful. Exclusive items, tastefully selected details, a special color scheme, a triumph of geometry — all this makes up a unique interior in the spirit of Luxury Antonovich Design Company.


Deliberately expensive, respectable and presentable, Art Deco style invites people to enjoy every moment of life. This interior style from Luxury Antonovich Design remains an effective means of recreating elegance and luxury. It combines both neoclassicism and streamlining, grace and playfulness, monumentality and elegance. Our company, as the representative of this style in Abu Dhabi, ignores the mass industrial production of goods; we stand for the exclusive manufacture of items. In the manufacture of products for our projects, valuable and expensive materials are used — snake skin, ivory, bronze, crystals, exotic wood, exquisite marble, elegant silk.



For example, in the interior of this bedroom for a lady we've used a game of contrasts. Light shades of pink combined with dark, forming a perfectly calibrated color base of the room. Bright colors are present mainly for emphasis. Interior items set the tone for design by Luxury Antonovich Design. Like everything else, furniture is expensive and spectacular. Production materials are always natural, and only valuable wood species and high-quality upholstery are suitable. Carved ornaments, polished accessories to a shine, a pattern on textiles — all these elements together allow us to bring the interiors of our projects to perfection. This exotic mix is designed to surprise and delight both owners and guests.


The luxurious interior is created from little things — this is the fit-out, small elements of decor, mirrors, allowing to achieve the desired effect. They always look bold and spectacular. The mirror in the hands of the designer has many features that, of course, cannot be overlooked. It decorates, adds light to the room, visually expands the space and makes it more refined. Mirror compositions on the wall look very impressive. Capitonne — the so-called widely known carriage screed — luxurious upholstery technology, which Luxury Antonovich Design decorators actively use when creating beds for luxurious interiors — this is directly associated with luxury and wealth for many people.

Uniqueness is one of the essential features of a premium interior in which our best designers in Abu Dhabi work. The design is developed primarily based on the desires and needs of customers. An elite apartment is created for specific people and must correspond to their character. Luxurious interior design involves the use of materials of exceptional quality, therefore, for the implementation of such projects, we involve highly skilled workers who have relevant work experience.


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