Luxury Homes Architecture Firm

Luxury Homes Architecture Firm

What is a Luxury Homes Architecture Design

When you say Luxury, it means that it is over the top and above expectations. Being the top luxury homes architecture firm, the Luxury Antonovich Design company has been well known for bringing the best of their designs into their clients. These elegant homes are their top construction products earning them to be the best architecture design company in Dubai. This images below as shown is one of their masterpieces. White has been the main base color for some of their works. But in this room it is different. They created this space with the base color of nude and beige which adds a more cozy and relaxing effect to the house. The greeneries or plants placed around are no coincidence. They placed it to add life to the surroundings and to add a more pleasing and relaxing look to the blank spaces of the room. 

The lighting placed around is subtle yet illuminating. The luxurious and elegant chandelier creates a five-star effect on the home which is what the firm really wants to achieve. Let us talk about how the flooring is strategically placed to add texture to the villa. The patterns are in gold which reflects the marvelous taste that the designers and homeowners agree about. Imagine living in this splendid room all your life, living in luxury for a lifetime. You may notice that there is more than one coffee table, that is because it is made to give balance to the spaces and because the room has more than one sofa, it is smart to add several tables for guests so that they have a place to put their things when they visit. 

Importance of small details

The large window panels are also a great idea to add more depth to the room. Because it gives a whole view of the outside it gives an illusion of an endless horizon that makes the room bigger. Aside from that, it is a great way to illuminate the room naturally. Natural light often adds a warm tone and a more relaxing vibe to the room. Adding to the effect, the heavy drapes were added to the window so that you can adjust if the light outside is too hot you can bring it across together. Or open the drapes so that you can let the sunshine in. Giving your home a whole revamp and making it luxurious needs expert in doing so, the Luxury houses architecture firm pledge to give you only the best of the best that you deserve.