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Your house is your haven. Whether you own or rent, you spend a lot of time here, so make it look its best. What comes to mind when you think of an "elegant home"? Luxurious, put-together... yet it doesn't have to be expensive! Whether you're spending or conserving, your house can look wonderful. With some of our recommendations for making your rooms seem top-notch exquisite and loaded to the brim with flair, you can make your house look like you hired the best interior designer in town. Even if you don't change anything else, adding a beautiful pendant light to your living room or immediately above your dining table will have a big impact. Try a floor lamp or table lights for a similar effect if you want a simpler approach to add glam lighting and change the aesthetic of your area. Two identical symmetrical table lights on an entrance console table, as seen above, create a coherent, professional design without the need for an electrician. Consider using identical wall sconces on either side of your bed. Not only are they highly useful for late-night reading or searching about in the dark, but they also look sleek and modern. This is a simple addition to your luxury bedroom interiors that quickly transforms the appearance of your bed.

bedroom interior design

We adore the drama and refinement that dark hues provide. True, bright and airy walls make the area look larger, but a dark navy paint or gray (or even black) is strong and beautiful. Dark paint colors, in particular, have a great impression in a tiny area. Dark paint colors in a smaller living room, dining room, or even simply as an accent wall appear rich and classy. A dark gray tone will appear classy and go in wonderfully with a farmhouse living area. Throw pillows in a glam style on your bed and sofa are not only soft and inviting, but they also make your space seem velvety and layered. Mix and combine throw pillows to create a pleasant and stylish pillow shape that's suitable for your environment. Make sure that some of the pillows are huge and overstuffed for an ultra-elegant look. Faux fur cushions and even a matching faux fur throw blanket for an accent chair are incredibly luxurious and contribute to an aristocratic atmosphere. A few ornamental items, much as in fashion, may quickly bring your outfit together and improve it. Similarly, put some décor about your home, particularly on accent tables. Stack a few books on your console table, bedside table, or coffee table, add some wall art, and a few beautiful vases, and you've instantly transformed your space. But don't go crazy - a busy environment will cheapen the premium impression you're attempting to create.

Bedroom Interior Design Dubai

Floor-length curtains, or even darker curtains for your luxury bedroom, can transform the look and feel of any space. Sheer white, drapey drapes quickly add a bright, airy vibe to your living room or dining area. It's a little change that makes a big impact in terms of instant aesthetics. Plants and flowers bring vitality and tranquility into your house, but a vase of fresh flowers at the dining table may also be stylish. A potted plant and some flowers on your tables or in the corner of a room can offer a splash of color as well as sophistication and luxury without any effort. They also make everyone happy! Gold is commonly associated with glitter and luxury. Gold metallic finishes brighten up a room, go well with any color scheme, and offer a touch of elegance. And, when not overdone, they make a place appear fantastic. You may even combine gold and silver finishes for a very contemporary effect. If you want to start small or enhance a tiny room, consider a gold accent table or coffee table, glam bar stools, or lighting fixtures.

Bedroom Interior Design Dubai

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