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Experience Ultimate Luxury and Comfort in Contemporary Living Spaces

Cozy space, and perfect surroundings each person see in different ways.And this design project embodies a new vision of contemporary style, which perfectly follows for the perception of the living space of our customers.It is a modern style, it gives the opportunity to improvise and create something completely new in direction of such an art as interior design.

It is a maze of luxury and comfort, you can understand this stylish and bright modern villa project. The interior design perfectly underlines the architectural design of the building.There, one room flows seamlessly into another. Each element becomes a concise continuation of another. A spacious hall is combined with living room area.Overall, the interior is dominated by a very bright and saturated colors.Thus, the interior designers reflected the bright and extraordinary character of the house owners.

With the help of wall decor, authors of the draft have a stunning effect of a luxurious infinity of space. In the lobby, the walls are decorated with strips of mirrors. This technique - a favorite way to increase the visually and fill it with bright moments. In the mirrors reflected and multiplied beautiful interior lighting and decorative elements.

According to the design project, there are several living rooms of various sizes. Each room has got its own unique style and character. Near the hall is a small cozy living room with two mirrored to each other sofas. Sofas are upholstered in sumptuous velvet of ruby color that contrasts with the richly colored walls.On the sofas, you can admire the beautiful scenery of the city in a panoramic window. For the walls, the interior designers have proposed a volumetric 3D panel with light wave patterns, which plays a chiaroscuro, under a beautiful crystal chandelier.

No less gorgeous looks bright kitchen interior. This is another fine example of how interesting can be an expressive style minimalism.Black glossy facades of furniture amazingly shimmer, reflecting both daylight and glare of chandeliers.Kitchen walls are adorned with decorative plaster with an interesting texture of light beige shade. The very design of kitchen interiors today is closely linked to new technologies. Designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design only use the latest storage systems and modern kitchen appliances.Bright and contrasting looks white furniture, light marble on the floor and white ceiling with additional lighting lines.

The main Living is a corner room with two large panoramic windows. The windows decorated with beautiful curtains in a modern style of silk velvet metallic shade. The most striking in the interior decoration was furniture that is upholstered in velvet dark blue and mustard colors. Coffee tables on openwork stainless steel bases give the room an extra gloss and glamor.The versatile wall decor has become another highlight of the interior. In this room, the walls are decorated with natural marble and decorative plaster. And in a deep niche, there is a showcase of black wood with a lot of open shelves for gifts and decoration items.

At the request of our customers has been executed a separate room with a home theater system.There are also present innovative design ideas. The walls are decorated with glossy panels. The windows are decorated with crisp white curtains. A further touch of comfort was a small kitchen near the home theater.

Interior design in a modern style becomes a way of creating an entirely new directions in art.The eternal human desire to be special, not like others, can be implemented using extraordinary interiors. and ideal living environment for our customers.

Stylish outdoor living area with comfortable seating and lush greenery

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Modern bathroom with spa-like features and sophisticated design

Inviting dining area with sleek furniture and ambient lighting

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