Furniture for the children's room should be comfortable and safe, withstand the "pressure" of children's games and pranks, adjust to the needs of the child. And also, of course, is liked by the kid.

Studio Luxury Antonovich Design offers the best collections of furniture for children's room

Elite children's furniture is made only from natural, ecologically safe for children's health materials. Most often it is natural birch or beech wood, which does not contain formaldehyde, which can provoke an allergy in the child. You have the right to ask the sellers to show certificates confirming the harmlessness of the varnishes and paints used in the manufacture of expensive children's furniture. Frames of elite children's furniture are made of solid wood. Today, preference is increasingly given to orthopedic models. Spring mattresses are most common, there is also a combined type - a spring mattress with fillers. The more springs, the more expensive the mattress. In exclusive models, each spring can be manually sewn into a separate pouch. The mattress packing can be homogeneous or resemble a layered pie with different fillers. It is desirable that the "filling" was only of environmentally friendly materials. The marks "bio" or "eco" on the label of the product usually indicate its safety not only for the environment but also for the health of children. The best types of stuffing for mattresses are coconut shavings, latex, and seaweed.

Modern children's mattresses provide the correct support for the baby's body and are filled with environmentally friendly materials, for example, latex. Finishing. Methods of the design of elite children's furniture can be different. The most common are hand-painted. It can be walking soldiers, fairy-tale heroes or floral ornament. And you can choose a picture from the catalog or give your own sketch. All models will be painted and covered with a special composition protecting the furniture from scratches and damages. And it will be truly exclusive furniture - in a single copy, only for your child. Expensive children's furniture is usually made in one style. And if there is a fairy tale motif in the interior, it will be embodied not only in the drawings but also in the decoration of others furniture items. For example, in the special technology of manufacturing wicker chairs by "Lloyd-Loom." The best children's furniture is made taking into account the influence of color on the child's psyche. Experts believe that it is better to use furniture pastel colors: beige, cream, light green, blue. These colors not only have a beneficial effect on the psyche but also make the room lighter. And this is very important for the child's vision.

Elite children's furniture is painted manually - from the catalog or by the provided sketch.

Interior makes in one style and in pastel colors, which have a beneficial effect on the psyche and the vision of the child. Idea All the best for children! Exclusive furniture is made by hand and decorated by professional designers. When designing such furniture, the age of the child and his hobbies are taken into account. Designers for the development of new models engage even the children themselves, checking on them the adequacy of their ideas. As a result, not only ordinary furniture items appear, but whole game complexes with a lot of amusing devices. For example, a furniture set for a children's room, where the bed resembles a two-story apartment. On the second floor there is a sleeping place closed by a tent, for descent there are two options - a ladder or a slide, on the first floor there is a game space closed by a curtain.

Modern furniture sets for children's rooms can include whole gaming complexes. Elite children's furniture differs not only by the originality of solutions (both constructive and design) but also with high quality and safety indicators. All furniture parts are firmly connected with each other, unexpected breakages are excluded. Streamlined forms, smoothness of sharp corners, the strength of structures - these are the main features of high-quality children's furniture.