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Luxurious Furniture Designs


The furniture in this bed is amazing and extravagant. With details that are phenomenal just like the table shown. The bed goes well with the entire furniture design and we are sure that you will love this scene! Luxury Antonovich Design adopts a useful yet elegant and amazing strategy to luxury furniture while being very pertinent to patterns of the overall look and feel. This makes Luxury Antonovich Design one of the best in the interior design industry: quality meets elegance and luxury. Consistently counted among Dubai’s top-tier companies, Luxury Antonovich Design is one of the most established and comprehensive providers of luxury furniture around the world. Luxury Antonovich Design was able to draw on the strengths of several markets to provide an enriching luxury furniture portfolio for its wide variety of clients. Our design excellence and industry relevance are well recognized globally by different portals and rankings. Luxury Antonovich Design’s approach to versatility is ranked regularly as one of the best. Our broad team of interior designers has also received outstanding ratings in various surveys, with several of our staff recognized as global personalities.

Katrina Antonovich - Designer for Luxurious Furniture Designs


Achieve your dream of luxury furniture! At Luxury Antonovich Design you’ll partner from experts working at the forefront of their fields and benefit from interior designers who apply their research discoveries, industry judgment, and specialist expertise directly to your preferred luxury furniture. We are also committed to ensuring that the design we’re proposing is relevant and connected to the needs of the client. Luxury Antonovich Design is ranked as one of the world’s leading furniture makers with a strong research record and state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure. Whether you want a sophisticated look or a simple one, we aim to provide clients with the best design possible along with providing our skills and knowledge in luxury furniture. Luxury Antonovich Design gives its clients the opportunity to make their mark on the world through a unique design experience tailor-made for what the client prefers. With offices across the world as well as access to over thousands of audience worldwide via social media, partnering with You are a step closer in your dream, fantasy, palace like modern luxury furniture! By choosing Luxury Antonovich Design you’re selecting an interior design company with a track record in preparing clients for success, exposing them to new ideas and equipping them with the knowledge to help them with their requirements.

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