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Living Room Interior with Luxurious Furniture


A full wood television rack is something that is very unique and luxurious, especially when paired with stunning and glossy furniture like this one in the article. The photo exhibits the stunning living room made by the talented designers of our company. From the sofa to the chandelier, each piece in the living room interior has gone through strict review to have the most luxurious vibe for a living room. We focused on enhancing lives through beautiful and luxurious designs, with a guarantee to very much settled and luxurious results. Luxury Antonovich Design has broad involvement in the arranging and structure of an expansive scope of luxurious living room, a significant number of which have gotten acknowledgment through different parts of the world. Luxury Antonovich Design's standards are that of value, especially craft an ageless living room. Luxury Antonovich Design is a group of imaginative designers who have guaranteed that the training has kept up its situation as one of Dubai's top interior design company.

Katrina Antonovich - Designer for Royal Luxury Furniture

Our main goal is to reliably convey outstanding quality while surpassing our customer's wishes. We upgrade individual wellbeing and prosperity while conveying luxurious living room designs. Luxury Antonovich Design is a multi-company situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company has a group of professional people who offer living room interior plan with great ability and motivation through a wide scope of furniture and materials, for example, this custom living room design in this article with furnishings and structure, styling, imaginative creations, and design coordination. Our fruitful results are credited to our company's consistency, an abundance of experience and enthusiastic responsibility for giving the most innovative and beautiful living room for our customers. Our plan esteems depend on understanding customer goals; explaining and building up the brief; creating exquisite arranging procedures; 

We are known for our work and the experience we make all the while. We have a team of professional designers who greatness and are enthusiastic about their specialty. Together we convey inventive, insightful, functional and durable living room designs. We offer a full living room concept design, from idea through to implementation, conveying proficient well-recorded arrangements that surpass desires and increase the value of one's house. Our meticulousness is apparent through the whole plan and enhancing the process. 

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