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Light Green Bedroom Furniture in Dubai


Green has a calming feeling and having a green bedroom set with furniture that go well with the whole interior design is definitely something that would make you feel a little livelier. Luxury Antonovich Design used the color green because it is the shade of life, nature, and vitality, and is related to development, freshness, wellbeing, ripeness, and positive condition. 

Katrina Antonovich - Luxury Designer for Bedroom Design

We know that light green carries beauty and calmness to its environment so it's no big surprise that it's a most loved color in inside structure. Beside the research of it, its association with nature and particularly leaf makes it an extraordinary palette to combine with others, after all, every blossom, regardless of what shading, has a beautiful effect when done right. 

The bed is huge and the headboard is very abstract. The soft and beautiful color make the room more stunning. The gold accent also helps the room look more luxurious. The chandelier is very playful yet extravagant. The curtains are done in plain light green giving attention to other elements of the room such as the beautiful furniture which are crafted by the talented designers and furniture makers of Luxury Antonovich Design.

Green makes a beautiful feel when utilized for interior design. The sofa, the chairs, the cabinets, the picture frames, the door, the racks, and all the elements in the bedroom interior design help the room become more extravagant and nice. The cool shade of light green is giving the room the nature vibe. Light Green tones make a cool and quiet feeling on the bedroom. Gentler tones of Green make a delicate and loosening up the air on the floor. The color is characterized by different beauty, for example, essential, complementary, warm, cool, tone and tint, in view of a few factors that likewise incorporate beauty. 

Color can influence the surroundings just as be influenced by the environment and the shade of light that falls on it. Light green, like blue, is alleviating to the eyes and is frequently a most favored alternative for the inside plan. Luxury Antonovich Design utilizes the shading green as a mix of different shades of gold or in mix with other quiet and calming hues, to make a therapeutic impact. 

The huge window on the left side of the bedroom also gives the morning sun a good view of the room. The design is just brilliant. Its positioning is stunning. The lights also help the room have the peace that ot needs. We are sure that you will love living in here every single day because of its beauty.

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