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Landscape Design Dubai Ideas and Decorating Inspiration

landscape design dubai


Do you want your landscape design plans to be laid out in the western tradition of straight lines, rectangles, and symmetry, or in the eastern tradition of irregular shapes, curves, and elements like water, rocks, and gravel to represent the natural world? Once you understand the ideas, you will be able to break the rules and combine elements from both. To make an impression, use specimen trees such as topiaries or weeping trees, as well as variegated plants for a modern landscape design. However, these types should be used cautiously. Use one or two to frame a walkway or to create a focal point in your yard, but don't overdo it. Less is more in this scenario. Plant in clusters. Plant a few shrubs of the same variety in a group. Use a few as display plants for a modern landscape design. Using different colors throughout your design helps to establish focal points.

landscape design dubai

What do you hope your landscape design plans will achieve? With the answer in mind, you can create an area that serves dual purposes, such as combining ornamentals and foodstuffs in a single planting bed. When you establish the borders of a location, you offer the eye something to focus on, such as a distant hedge or fence. Clarifying the boundaries generates a sense of order. Perennials and blooming plants for a modern landscape design look best when planted in groups. Planting many together to form a "puddle" makes them appear more natural and less artificial. Planting in rows or lines gives a more formal appearance. Every piece of landscape design in Dubai has its own unique set of characteristics, such as sunny parts, shadow, elevation variations, windy locations, existing trees, mature plants for a modern landscape design, and soil conditions that may differ from your neighbor's. Learn about the microclimates and terrain of your land. Test your soil for acidity and examine its composition: is it sandy and loose, or heavy and clayish? The more you understand your landscape design in Dubai's personality, the better you will be able to capitalize on its best features.

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