Kohler products are often compared to works of art. To someone, this may seem an exaggeration.However, even the most inveterate skeptics, can be persuaded in it by the fact that some of the collection Kohler presented as exhibits in the museum, «Metropolitan».

So each a wash basin Kohler is an example of a unique design solution.

Ceramic models differ by ornaments made in various styles. For example, the wash basins of the line «Maharani», devoted to Indian topics. The most expensive samples can even be decorated with precious stones. Paint on ceramic applied manually, and, according to experts, is completely authentic to Indian national traditions.  Along with exclusive models, the manufacturer also offers low-cost solutions. This can be a wash basin or a stainless steel sink, made in the style of hi-tech.Either the sink or tub, made of cast iron, in a retro style.Faucets for wash basins Kohler are supplied in the set. Faucets have a special coating that protects against corrosion, fatty deposits and so on.
The same quality offered by Kohler sanitary ware for toilet rooms.Thus, Kohler toilets are available in different sizes and price categories.This compact toilets for home bathrooms, and super expensive models with built-in electronics. By the way, refers to the latest the newest model Numi - "smart toilet", equipped with a touchscreen control panel.Showers also equally multifunctional. Proposed options - from hydro to the steam bath - quite allow called shower cabins from Kohler - home spa.  We Kohler bathroom equipment comes directly from the factory in the United States.Well-established partnerships and years of experience allow us to set reasonable prices, as well as to quickly update the offered assortment.At us you can order the latest models, saving not only money but also time.

Luxury Charm in sinks and washbasins Kohler

The great news for fans of the original and refined interior items! The famous American company Kohler pleased the audience with new collections of the unique design of sanitary ware. Installation of washbasin or installation of the faucet of the last lines of the brand will allow you to bring the unique Oriental motifs in the interior of the bathroom: an elegant and luxurious at the same time.

Mysterious Chinese charm in the sinks and washbasins Kohler

The decor of new wash basins Kohler - this workshop is the interpretation of ancient Chinese bowls and vases. For example, the protagonist «Imperial Blue» collection is a blue dragon - a symbol of wisdom and untouchable imperial power.The inspiration to create this drawing was painted porcelain vases of the XV century, the era of the Ming Dynasty.Imperial Blue Collection includes not only elegant sinks in the form of circular bowls but also elegant single-lever mixers with ceramic swivel spout, decorated in the same style.
Another great innovation from Kohler - the line «Empress Bouquet», which means «a bouquet of the Empress». It is specifically designed for true connoisseurs of exquisite beauty and decorated with a filigree ornament of chrysanthemum flowers, made in gold and patina. Installation of wash basin «Empress Bouquet» will be an excellent solution for those who prefer to always surround himself with unusual things.The image which applied on the ceramic, it is the quaint interpretation of Chinese decorative ornament of the XVIII century.
Finally, the installation of a sink from the collection «Serpentine Bronze» - is an unprecedented opportunity to look back centuries and touch the ancient artistic tradition of mysterious China.The ornament, by which are decorated items this line - a pastiche painting the era of the Qing Dynasty (V - III century BC).The sides of sinks, decorated with a complex pattern of fish, turtles, and sea snakes. Kohler Collection - a worthy gift for the true connoisseurs of impeccable quality of performance of the luxurious and refined design.


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